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The Brownsito, a sports tournament with Basque accent

It was nicknamed Vasco Sisterna and was the first minibasket tournament organized by Club Guillermo Brown de Madryn. We told
rneo de minibasket organizado por el Club Guillermo Brown de Madryn
25 November, 2019

More than 500 children from all over the province of Chubut gathered on the first weekend of November to participate in the “Brownsito”, in Madryn. It was amini-basket organization organized by theGuillermo Brown Club , named after an endearing partner and collaborator: “Vasco Sisterna”.

About the tournament

It was carried out in three days and in four different scenarios of the city. The first and main was the Benito García Stadium of the Brown Club, located in the heart of the city center. He was added to the Gym of the Patagonia Railway Club, the SUM of the 710 School and the parking lot of the former Madryn bus terminal.

There were 90 friendly matches played and a lot of adrenaline among the boys and girls, coaches and families that accompanied. The categories that participated in the basketball tournament were mini, pre mini and U13.

Exceeding all expectations, 15 clubs from the province of Chubut competed in this first minibasket tournament organized by Brown. So it was that, from the capital of Chubutense, Jorge Newbery, Deportivo Patagones, Germinal de Rawson participated. They were joined by CAI of Comodoro Rivadavia, Sports Federation and Gymnastics and Fencing, both also of Comodoro. Independent of Caleta Olivia, Winds of the South of Pico Truncado, Huracán and Racing of Trelew also gave the present with their equipment. Nautical of Rada Tilly, the Municipal School of Puerto Madryn and, of course, the host Club, completed the list of 15 delegations.

Inaugurating the first of many

Club openings and parades are, without a doubt, an important part and expected by their athletes. T-shirts and flags gave prominence and identity to the kids.

The central show was given by the percussion group La Granada, directed by Juan Pablo Solco. Through glances and body movements, the 12 musicians of the group, together with their director, integrated the audience present in their songs. Different rhythmic experiences with voice and hands made this show a “collective artistic construction”, which it liked, and much.

The emotion of the Vasco Sisterna

Vasco Sisterna was a former Brown Club leader and current partner. He is a faithful contributor to the Basketball School, although he no longer has children or grandchildren playing. His love for “La Banda”, for that blue t-shirt and bl

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