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He regained the memory of champion

Israelita Macabi became the annual champion of the Mendoza basketball. Title that he did not raise since 1993. A big
Macabi campeon
| 29 January, 2020 |

Club Israelita Macabi became the annual champion in 2019 by defeating Athens 78-60 in the second match of the final series, thus sentencing the actions by 2-0. In this way he cut a 26-year-old drought without raising a title in Superliga, the top category of Mendoza basketball. Fans, leaders, players and relatives celebrated the success of a club that only breathes the sport of orange ball.

Eduardo’s team Nicastro had won the Clausura tournament and, incidentally, Athens had with the opening against Israelite. That’s why the gesta tastes like rematch. But besides, it tastes like a rematch with history. For the descent and the background he touched a couple of years ago. To be reborn from the ashes.

The protagonists

The captain and reference is Andy Berman, who has been conforming to what Nicastro asked of him. The team had in Sebastián Gattari that always willing, and with the reinforcements that adjusted to the size of the club: Andrés Llaver, Diego Maranesi and Facundo Alberici, to name a few, who, added to the rendador Jesús Martínez , put the name of Macabi, club that added to that way, his second annual star.


Nostalgia is looming. Israelita Macabi had been champion of the same contest long ago, in 1993, when he was the best team of Mendoza from end to end, with consecratory match in the “Pascual Pérez” of the Federation of Box.

As a result, more than 50 kids from lower divisions with their club shirt celebrated and was hugged each other. And it’s not for less. A sports project that restarted in December 2016 after falling to Level Two.

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