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A pair of Cordoba among the 5 chosen

There are five of them chosen from national basketball. Two are Cordobes. And they're part of the top 5 of
Basquet nacional
| 13 February, 2020 |

At the end of the decade, the Argentine Confederation of Basketball decided to put together the national basketball quintet. He proposed to people a vote to choose the best of the decade (2010-2019). And the results were amazing. Among the top five, two are Cordoba. They are and were our pride. This vote was a way of valuing and recognizing the work of the Golden Generation. It was also a way to close a stage of Argentine basketball and give rise to new promises. Because a new generation is coming, and we hope it will be as Golden as last.

The five elected were as follows:

  1. Facundo Campazzo
  2. Emanuel Ginóbili
  3. Andrés Nocioni
  4. Luis Scola
  5. Fabricio Oberto

The most voted of all, Campazzo. A Cordovan idol. Not only for his performance as a foundation, but also for his quality as a person. A role model. Today he throws his magic at Real Madrid. While he was not part of the Golden Generation, recognition from the people makes it clear that he was. He received 76.7% of the votes. He is the most admired among the Cordobes.

Then, Ginóbili. The Manu we all know. As best escort, 95% of the votes. The 82.3% went to Andrés Nocioni. Scola as best wing-pivot, with 60% of the vote.

And finally, Fabricio Oberto. With 83 percent of the votes, consolidate and crown the top 5 team. Born in Las Varillas, Fabricio had an impeccable career. We Cordoba have him on the podium of the best. He was part of the National Team, the NBA and the ACB League. He was part of the Golden Generation, and gave us the best moments with the blue and white. That’s why he deserves all the recognitions.

The quintet was chosen by the people, and two Cordobeses give him the just touch of magic.

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