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Banned entry to River bars

Barras arrested for the investigation of the incidents that resulted in the suspension of the final with Boca for the
20 January, 2019

The Ministry of Security of the < a rel = “noreferrer noopener” aria-label = "The Ministry of National Security ordered 284 people, identified as River Plate bars, to enter football stadiums as a result of the investigation of the incidents that on November 24 led to the suspension of the final of the Copa Libertadores with Boca J uniors. (opens in a new tab)” href =” "target = "_blank" > Nation laid down a ban on entering football stadiums to 284 people. Identified as River Plate bars. Consequences of the investigation of the incidents that led to the suspension of the final of the Libertadores.

The full payroll is published today in the Official Gazette. According to provision 1/2019 of the ministry headed by Patricia Bullrich.
After communicating “the restriction of attendance for an indeterminate time” to football stadiums, the resolution states that the action “of these individuals is profuse and reckless, without any objection to the obedience of law and public safety”.

The house of “El cavern”

According to the publication, the investigation was deepened after the raid carried out on November 23 on Hector “Cavern” Godoy. One of the bosses of River’s Brava bar. When they found him in one of their home party tickets with other people’s names and cash.
The publication is based on the search “at the home of 840 Haedo Street, in the Partido de San Miguel, Province of Buenos Aires. Corresponding to Hector Guillermo Godoy. Where nominated entries are hijacked and would belong to the radicalized group called ‘Los Drunachos del Tablón’”.

“ By identifying the nominated entries, it is possible to establish the personal identity of those involved in the criminal maneuver.” Adds the resolution as a step before publishing the list of sanctioned bars.
The ministerial resolution considers the act under investigation to be “extremely serious”. And it justifies the measure to “maintain the prevention and safety that must reign in a spectacle of mass assistance.”

The list with the names of the bars that have been banned from entering the stadiums, among which there are three women, will be included in the payroll of the Secure Tribuna Program, which has been implementing the Security portfolio for three years.

Source: Telam

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