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Ameli: the first icardeator

On the day of the friend, we share this story of infidelity of the “Coco” Ameli with his friend Eduardo
compartimos esta historia de infidelidad del
| 19 July, 2019 |

Icardi wasn’t the first celebrity to let a friend down. Ameli was there before. And maybe there was someone else that the case didn’t take public notice of. I’m sure there were a lot of them. If we mean unfamous, there are millions of friends who had something with a friend’s wife, girlfriend, girl. And today more than ever, we will remember the famous case that preceded the icardeada.

Horacio Ameli and Eduardo Tuzzio were much more than an excellent duo of Riverpower plants back in 2005. They complemented each other perfectly. One was rough. The other, technician. They were both strong. Solid. Aged. They were headlong in both areas. One would close behind the other, like warriors.

Outside the court, they were as close as they were inside. They frequented each other a lot. And that’s how it must have been, for something to break.

What broke was friendship and Ameli became the first icardeator to transcend wardrobe barriers. For, let us be fair, similar cases were before; but they did not transcend the environment.

The thing is, Ameli was with Tuzzio’s wife. And everybody found out.

They were in training for the Copa Libertadores. “The Black” Astrada, “The Boss”, was the Technical Director. He finished his talk and Tuzzio asked for the floor, to expose, before all, his “friend”. They all got frosty. Astrada had to react quickly.

Despite the negatives of the “Coco” Ameli, no one believed him. The squad stopped talking to him and was relegated to training with the lower ones. In the 2006 pass book he left the club.

Poor Tuzzio couldn’t stand it. It wasn’t for less. He had a lazy year. And he went to Mallorca. Where it was recomposed. So much, he made a new family. Good for him.

Must have been Ameli the first caretaker in history? I’m sure you don’t. We’ll never know, for sure. Nor will we know what’s going on in your minds on such a special day as Friend’s Day.

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