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After a long row, he came to Europe with his hockey stick.

Joaquín Martínez is a native of Neuquén and achieved the boy's dream: to join the European big leagues of hockey.
Joaquín Martínez es oriundo de Neuquén y logró el sueño del pibe:
| 03 November, 2019 |

When talking about sport as a tool of containment and social development is not a whim. To bet on sport is to give chance of growth to the population from the individual and the collective. He Joaquín Martínez’s case reflects how an activity like hockey can become a livelihood.

Your life

He was born in Neuquén, but grew up in Cipolletti. He was always a football player and at the age of 10 he was offered rugby or hockey to play at school. He chose the second for his similarities with football in terms of number of players and dimensions of the court.

A year later he federated and started playing at Banco Nación, in the chakras. Brick dust, grass and wooden sticks were the tools and surfaces of its beginnings. ”It was another hockey in the early 2000s, ‘he explains.

The Banco Nación club was merged and, after a brief step through the Cipolletti club, his family moved to Neuquén. They were high school start times. There the Independent Club offered a team of 1st to a group of kids who had run out of space. El Rojor was one of the first to have a synthetic court. ”That changes your game and makes it more technical and faster, ‘ he explains.

At the age of 15 he was a first player and in the selected provincial faced players who are today in the Lions. For me It was always a hobby, I spent time on it, although I never projected anything. In 2012 the coach of the Argentine National Indoor Team, Pedro Zayas, who knew me since I was a kid, took me to the National Team to participate. ‘ But the part economic and the needs of the moment did not allow him to continue in the selection.

Change the mouth,

In 2013 the door was opened to play in Uncas de Tandil. It was the first experience away from home. A couple of years later the other quality leap would be made. Brazil showed him the way in 2015 and there he played in the club at Sociedade Germania. In 2017, Joaquín obtained the Italian passport and came up with the idea of looking for a place outside after a long row.

In his résumé he has the advantage of having belonged to the selection and having European citizenship. Martínez describes his time in Italy as ”an incredible experience in another country and with another language’. In Europe, Holland and

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