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A selection sanjuanina at the Roller Derby

Daniela Guerrero, renowned roller hockey champion with Las Águilas, is now part of the technical staff of the Spanish team
| 14 January, 2020 |

If we talk about Daniela Guerrero to our mind comes the image of the best player in the world of roller hockey . World champion in 1998 and 2002, campaign overshadowed perhaps by the Las Leonas’ winning emergence in field hockey. Today reality finds it linked to skates, but not to hockey, but to Roller Derby.

The Roller Derby originated in the United States and is a sport combining speed, strategy, attack, defense and contact. They face teams of 5 players, each with an attacker and four defenses. The attacker must travel certain distances to add points. Defenders must prevent the opposing attacker from advancing. It develops on an oval track similar to cycling, but smaller.

Daniela Guerrero, retired from hockey, received a proposal from Spain to be part of his team. Today sanjuanina is the second technique of the team, called “Mirror”. Conversion wasn’t easy. Guerrero had to watch matches, train in the sport and also in referees, to get to know the best of Roller Derby.

In the debut with the Spanish national team his team lost in semifinals of the World Roller Games, but in the definition by the third put they got the medal against Australia. Participate in this competition gave Guerrero the chance to meet the Argentine team of roller hockey. He was able to be close and share time with his compatriots from the women’s and men’s selections.

The renowned player recognized that the Roller Derby can represent another opportunity for athletes to continue in the competition. But it is not the case of her, Guerrero is absolutely committed to the sport from the technical side. Roller Derby is practiced in Argentina and the selection is known as Argentina All Stars.

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