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A quarantined runner

Joe Uriburu is a lawyer and runner. A sports lover, he ran a 21 km marathon at home to motivate
| 28 March, 2020 |

For those who are used to doing physical activity, the idea of being locked up for several weeks in a department can be overwhelming. However, there are always alternatives. Joe Uriburu is a lawyer by profession and sportsman for vocation. To alleviate the lack of training, he created an indoor circuit in 38 m2 in its own apartment in the neighborhood of Belgrano (Buenos Aires City). He ran 21 km and next Sunday goes for the 42 km away.

Joe Uriburu’s homemarathon aims not only to take out the urge to run, but also to motivate others to imitate him and not to leave his homes looking for endorphins generated by runningactivity.

The marathon

To do this, all the equipment was put on: the whole thing that he usually uses to run marathons, the sneakers, the back bed with his name. He also distributed various hydration points throughout the house. He put the national anthem and started the race.

The circuit included several rooms of the apartment: balcony, living room and kitchen. It took 01:59:34 to travel those 21K, i.e. 5’40” per kilometer. He said he took longer than usual because he was forced to turn quite often. In the challenge, of course, his family participated: his wife Agustina and his children Joaquín (6) and Jacinta (4). The three of them were cheering as he ran through the environments of his house. In addition, from the balconies, the neighbors also sent their support. Joe Uriburu ‘s career was also broadcast on his Instagramaccount, where he was followed live by 300 people and sent hundreds of support messages.

On Sunday 29 March, the next race is coming: 42K on the same 38 m2. There are no excuses not to train in quarantine and there are no excuses not to stay at home.

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