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A new World Champion

Jeremiah Ponce became IBO Superlight World Champion in Germany. He won by points the vacancy in the category, justly.
| 24 September, 2019 |

Jeremías Ponce, the native of José Mármol, became the new Superlight IBO World Champion. It was in Germany, against the German Rico Mueller. By majority decision, after 12 rounds.

Ponce has an excellent record . He’s unbeaten at 25, with nothing more or nothing less than 16 before the limit. At the age of 23, the new World Champion is shown as one of the great promises of the box Argentine.

European career

He is a disciple of the great Saints Zacharias. In fact, he’s trained by the son of Santos. Which is a guarantee for Jeremiah. He’s making his way through the IBO, entity not recognized by the FAB. Like AMB, OMB, FIB or CMB. But not for that, minor. Just remember that from the IBO left Mayweather, Pacquiao and Golovkin, among others. The IBO is a good partnership to acquire international friction in its first defenses. And then jump to one of the big four. They will certainly welcome the new World Champion with open arms.

We imagined a long career for this young fighter, very heavy hand and great style. Talent has. A good counselor in the corner, too. Hopefully you follow the good examples of the great local boxers. Like “Hurricane” Narváez, to name one.

On his return to Argentina, after the match, he was received by the mayor of Almirante Brown, Cascallares. There was Jeremiah, obviously and his coach. The quartermaster and his sports secretary. Too bad boys can’t stop campaigning all the time. The meeting was “dirty” by the presence of the FPV candidate, who really had nothing to do there. Too bad. They were not up to a champion who went to thank the support of a municipality for the athletes of the same. Which we clearly congratulate.

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