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A Cordoba who breaks it: Leandro Bolmaro

The Cordovan breaks it, he keeps making triples and the world of basketball gets crazier and more to watch it
Un cordobés que la rompe: Leandro Bolmaro
| 30 October, 2019 |

Among so many Cordobes who succeed, and Argentines who stand out in their disciplines, this guy wins everything. Leandro Bolmaro is only 19 years old, and he’s already a little basketball gem . He plays for Barça Lassa, the Barcelona club team, in the SpanishACB league.

Leandro Bolmaro shows us that, in addition to carrying in genes an outstanding ability to chase the ball, training is essential. At 2.03 meters tall and 81 kilos, Leandro does not stop making his magic moves. Talent and passion are made flesh in a young man who triumphs and pursues his dreams. Besides, he goes on with his projects. Train, everything is played on the court and also in the studio. It is an example to follow for many athletes, because of its potential and commitment. The ArgentineNational Team goes crazy, and puts all their expectations in the new messiah of basketball? We’ll see him in the next games. What is remarkable is that seeing these young people succeed fills us with hope.

From where to where

Leandro Bolmaro was born in Las Varillas. This land has a secret ingredient for creating basketball stars. Fabricio Oberto came out of there, too. From Cordoba to the whole world, these basketball personalities triumph. From Europe to the United States, the Bolmaro shirt caught a lot of attention. And, now, he’s one of the most coveted players. In the ranking of young talents, Bolmaro is first, above very famous players with high trajectory. This kid is a wonder. Watching him play is to delight in unmatched strategies and unusual speed. The NBA thinks the same thing, and it’s already in its sights. However, slowly but surely, Leandro Bolmaro still has many experiences to live before reaching that league. In the meantime, he breaks it in every club he steps. And it’s part ofthosewho value it. and they have it as the center of the plays.

Some call him “the Messi of basketball”; others, “the new Manu Ginóbili”. I personally prefer to call things by their name: Leandro Bolmaro, Cordoba’s pride.

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