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5tas on W+60

The teams participated in the Senior World Cup in Portugal, where the most outstanding performance was the W+60 category.
| 16 August, 2019 |

Gloria Moreno Quintana, Marcela Alejandra de Gregorio, Beatriz Villaverde and María Teresa Zorzi de Bognanni finished 5th in the W+60 of the World Cup in Portugal. After falling in the quarterfinals against the United States.

Together with the selected women from Germany, Norway and Ireland, Group E. Where they concluded in first place without losing any series. They only gave one match to their German peers in the last match. Although that didn’t stop winning the top.

Marcela de Gregorio, captain of the team, regretted that the draw matched them with States United, who ended up being the champion. “Had we had any other luck with the crossing, we could have gone further.” However, he showed his happiness at the excellent performance of the players during the competition. “I’m proud of the whole team, as they put all the effort.”

Argentina was represented by teams in all the categories of men and women (+50, +55 and +60). The +50 ladies finished in 14th place, after falling to South Africa in their last series. Meanwhile, in the +55 category the women’s team lost to Spain in the series by 7th place.

On the men’s side, the representatives of the M+60 category beat the combined from Sweden and got 9th place. Meanwhile, the men’s team M+50 finished 10th, after falling to Australia. Finally, the M+55 squad reached 17th place when they defeated Ireland on their final day of competition.

After the team modality, many players from the Argentine delegation stayed in Portugal to participate in the singles tables. Where the most outstanding performance was that of Roberto Gattiker at +50. Who after skipping the first rounds comfortably fell in the round of 16 to Finn Alexander Lindholm (3) 6-2 1-0 and retirement.

Source AAT

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