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50 years after a sublime beating

Exactly 50 years ago, Nicolino Locche would make a fight that will be remembered forever
| 02 April, 2020 |

I remember very little of the fight. I was very small. But I’m never going to forget my dad’s words: “He gave him a sublime beating”.

Exactly 50 years ago, Nicolino Locche would make a fight that will be remembered forever, to be crowned Junior Welter Champion of the World Boxing Association. The perfect fight. That one, where the nickname “The Untouchable” became big. Nicolino dodged with his legs, waist and neck; against the ropes and in the middle of the ring. Hawaiian Paul Fuji never found him. He didn’t hit him. It seemed that he was throwing him into the air, when “The Untouchable” showed him his face, unprotected, with his guard down, and took it out a thousandth of a second before the blow reached him.

He danced on tiptoes. He went in, he hit and he went out. Or he stayed and dodged. And he hit. He hit him so that it still hurt poor Fuji, who very early in the fight already had both eyes almost closed because of the inflammation. Fuji went and Locche went out. And Locche went in and connected. It made rivals and spectators nervous. But he was an iceberg. He demolished them from the psychological point of view; he was not a knockout.

It was technical 10, when the Hawaiian, demoralized, beaten, hurt, did not go out to fight again.

Fifty years after the coronation of the man from Mendoza, those who still remember the fight well, say that they should show it to all the Argentine pugilists, all the time. And they are right.

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