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Woven fabrics with Argentine print

Gasatex is dedicated to exporting technical fabrics used in textile stamping to 30 countries around the world. We tell you
Argentines around the world
Gasatex se dedica a exportar tejidos técnicos
| 10 September, 2019 |

This is the story of a family that started a business that, today, has a presence in different countries of the world. 30 years ago, Claudio Ploit founded Gasatex, his family business. Their initial goal was to manufacture fabric for curtains. Then, production mutated to technical fabrics and plastic meshes, which today are the main items it manufactures.

Currently, the company exports technical fabrics used in textile printing to 30 countries around the world. Among them, Panama, Honduras, Kenya, Slovenia and Portugal. In order to advance in international markets, the company had to delve into its technical profile and went to obtain certifications. A successful path that, without a doubt, is the result of effort and well-focused work.

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