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Work barefoot and near the beach

Daniela had things more or less settled. However, she decided to change her life: today she owns a beach restaurant
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| 17 October, 2019 |

Working barefoot and near the beach: that was what had always been inDaniela Sandoval‘s mind. His environment, however, had always been far from it. Daughter of a middle-class family in Buenos Aires, she had always had a well-off and predictable life. But four years ago she decided to change things: today she owns a cool restaurant in Australia.

Daniela had things pretty much resolved. After finishing high school, he studied law at the University Argentine Catholic. Once received, their targets were forked into two different options: open a law firm, get clients and to have the life that everyone expected me to have, or to embark on adventure abroad. He opted for the second.

The first stop of the experience was Barcelona, a very common city for Argentines who emigrate. Then a friend’s girlfriend put another destination in her panorama – Australia. He thought about it and decided. The place chosen was Bondi Beach: a white sandy beach, surf waves and a lot of relaxation. A real paradise.

But at first it wasn’t easy. He struggled to get a job and tried everything: handing out flyers, making bouquets for Valentine’s Day and selling creams. But I couldn’t find a course. Until, together with a friend, they came up with a project that might seem risky, but it was possible.

Through loans from the bank, they managed to finance the beginning of their dream. They found a space, remodeled it with a minimum budget and solved the lack of experience with a lot of claws. This is how La Favela Bondiwas born, a restaurantserving traditional food and dishes from Brazil. And on the beach, as she had always dreamed.

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