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We Mendoza use the article to refer to any proper name. This is a note from the Exequiel, from Mendoza.
How we talk
Los mendocinos utilizamos el artículo para referirnos a cualquier nombre propio
| 07 November, 2019 |

I propose the hypothetical situation that one day you walk through a tourist site in the City of Buenos Aires. Any one. Could be pedestrianised Florida. So far, all normal. Suddenly, some people in a group come after you and you hear them say, “How tall Mati is! To think that, when they were kids, Pauli would pull out 15 centimeters.” I’m sure something doesn’t fit in there . Something’s making noise. And yes, it’s normal. What happens is that it is a family of Mendoza, who use the article before a proper name or a noun that acquires such a characteristic. That’s how we talk.

The truth is, we don’t really know why we talk in such a way. Whose “hit us”. Or why the vast majority of Argentines do not use the article in that case, but we are practically the only ones who do. The truth is that it is, perhaps, the most mendocine feature we have. And it is so common that sometimes, when asked about our traditions or customs, we think of others, as some have already been described in this page, but we forget the “the” and the “la” prepend to any name.

There are, however, some particularities. Since, however, when we talk, for example, about a local football team, we do not use it. For example: “Tonight plays Godoy Cross. And he has to win because, otherwise, Boca approaches in the table”. Without However, when we talk about outside teams the thing changes: “This weekend Barcelona is playing. But the most important match will be during the week, against Manchester United.” – Why? – Why ? He doesn’t know, he doesn’t answer.

Similarly, if the proper name is that of a famous, it is another song. And then, to refer to the unimportant greengrocer in the corner, which is called Gustavo, we do as Mendoza: “Go to Gustavo and bring you 2 kilos of tomatoes”. But when the conversation is about, for example, the leader of Soda Stereo, the theme is like this : “Tomorrow I’m going to see the film by Gustavo Cerati, which is premiering in the cinema”. Likewise, Hurricane Las Heras 10 will be “El Lionel”. But the 10th of Barcelona will be “Lionel”. So it’s a class theme? He doesn’t know, he doesn’t answer .

What do the Books?

Basically, the Panhispanic Dictionary of Doubt says that the people of Mendoza speak badly. Generally speaking, putting the article before a name is lousy. However, it is correct to use it in certain cases. For this reason, he says that he always carries an article with his own geographical name when referring to a certain period. Like “the Buenos Aires of federalism” or “the Mendoza of Governor Lencinas”.

Similarly, we agree on the use of the article in some cases. We all call our emblematic hill “El Aconcagua”. And the stadiums of River and Boca will always be “El Monumental” and “ The Bombonera.” But, moreover, we all know that, when there is a plugin that follows the proper name, the article is correct. So, when

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