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Why are we looking for the cat’s fifth leg?

When things go wrong, we complain, logical. When things work out for us... we hesitate. Why are we looking for
How we talk
Cuando las cosas nos salen bien… dudamos.
| 01 October, 2019 |

When things go wrong, we complain, logical. But when things work out for us… a little bit of doubt. We think something else must be behind it, which can’t be that easy. I’m sure we’re missing something. It is at that very moment that someone (a relative, a friend) appears with the phrase that perfectly describes what we are doing. And he says, “You’re looking for the cat’s fifth leg.”

The fifth leg to the cat. The cat has four legs, we all know that. Looking for a fifth is, at least, ridiculous. Especially because, if I had her for some kind of malformation, I’d be there in sight. That would be the first thing we’d look at from that cat. There would be no need to look for her. If we look for her, it’s because we don’t see her. If we don’t see her, it’s because she’s not here. But we, in our effort not to believe that things can be so simple, get tangled. We don ‘ttrust, we screw up and, what’s worse, we don’t finish enjoying it when things go well.

Sometimes there’s no fifth leg. Sometimes we have luck or get what we deserve, and that’s all. It’s hard for us to relax. but how much easier it would be if we could do it from time to time. Enough to find the cat’s fifth leg. Enough of thinking that it can’t happen to us us. Stop believing everything can’t be so good. Sometimes, It just happens.

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