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What’s a superclassic?

The superclassic is a football game, but it's much more than that. It is, according to a British newspaper, “the
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El superclásico es un partido de fútbol, pero es mucho más que eso
| 01 October, 2019 |

What’s a superclassic? , you might ask a newly landed alien in the country. If you were looking for it on Wikipedia, the answer would be this:

The Argentine football superclassic is the match in which the country’s two most popular teams, Boca Juniors and River Plate. This sporting show concentrates the attention of the great masses not only in Argentina, but in many countries of the world. It is internationally recognized due to the passion expressed by the fans both during the development of the match and in the previous match. According to the English newspaper The Observer, the superclassic is among the 50 sports shows you have to see before you die, while, for the British, The Sun, “it is the most intense sports experience in the world.” The British magazine Four Twowent on to classify it as the world’s largest classic and the British newspaper The Mirrorconsidered it the “fiercest classic in the world.”

All that is true, but it falls short.

The superclassic is a football game. Yes, they face the two most popular teams in the country: Boca and – Oh ,River. Yes, the passion of fans is probably something not seen anywhere else in the world.

But that definition does not cover what happens in every neighborhood, in every house. It doesn’t explain that, when you play the superclassic, you stop the country. He doesn’t tell us that it’s a perfect excuse to get together with friends to watch it; between friends of both teams. And that everyone knows that this time, maybe, it’s up to them to be on the winner’s side. But maybe not. And, then, to put the chest on bullets, to the mocking, to the tasteless. Chew your anger and go home with your head as high as possible. Maybe next time’s a rematch.

The superclassic is all that and much more. It is something difficult to explain: it is something to see, feel and experience. You’re all invited to the show.

Image: Facebook Boca Juniors

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