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What happened to the guy who handed his résumé by hand?

A year ago, Carlos didn't have a job. He didn't even have money to print his resume. We told you
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Carlos no tenía trabajo
| 29 September, 2019 |

As adverse as the circumstances may be, there is always a way to get through. A year ago, Carlos didn’t have a job. He didn’t even have money to print his resume. So, he presented it by hand. Someone posted it on the web and their commitment to progress, despite the limitations, moved everyone. We tell you what’s about his life a year later.

The story

Carlos Duarte is Cordoba and is 21 years old. A year ago, his story inspired many. So many, it was even published by an Indiannewspaper. It all started when she approached the place where Eugenia works to offer her job. She told her that at the moment they were not looking for people, but that she could leave her resume. He, a little embarrassed, replied that he had no money, because he had no money to pay for the impression.

Eugenia, then, offered him to hand it in writing. Carlos sat down at a local table and began writing it. He gave him a simple, neat and hard blade, like everything he does. Eugenia received that craft and improvised resume, and was moved. He published it on his networks and, from that moment on, Carlos’s phone kept ringing.

“ Some come with the sheet made a bun. I read and see you’re 18. I understand them and I stretch it. Others see that I’m serving a client and they don’t care at all: ‘I leave you my resume, ‘they say. They interrupt you. Carlos came on September 21. The place was full. He waited for him to attend to the last one, and he just came there,” recalls Eugenia.

Today Carlos works in a glass factory, where he learned a lot and has been rising to category. With his salary, he was able to buy a bike, but he dreams of much more: he wants a house of his own. We’re sure he’s going to make it.

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