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She came for the culture and fell in love with pizzas!

As they see us
Como nos ven
| 21 February, 2020 |

I am traveling to many places in Latin America and I choose Buenos Aires first because it is the cultural capital of the region. Besides, I want to learn Spanish. Then I will go to visit the North of Argentina and the South of Bolivia.

I have been living in the city for a month and the first thing I see is that it is very different from other cities in South America. It is very easy to walk along its streets and has very good connections between the different neighbourhoods thanks to the public transport, which is quite economical. Another point in favor is that Argentines are very open. The ones I’ve been getting to know these days are approaching in a hospitable way. Even a few days ago I was robbed in the street and several people, strange people who saw me badly, came to help me.

I couldn’t eat a lot in Buenos Aires, in principle, because I’m a vegetarian and here meat dishes are more important. Although in a short time I became a fan of vegetable empanadas and the huge variety of pizzas, the pizzas are the best in the world!

Brechtje Nooteboom, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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