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Valeria, a salteña that exports culture to Mallorca

Valeria Velastiqui is a Salteña who emigrated to Spain. Already established and with work, it brings to the island Argentine
Argentines around the world
Valeria Velastiqui es una salteña en España
| 11 November, 2019 |

The path of Valeria Velastiqui began with a proposal that he did not take seriously. Her husband proposed to move to Mallorca, she accepted with the certainty that that would never happen. Almost imperceptibly, from one moment to the next the Salteña Velastiqui was already with her established partner in Mallorca and working as a Systems Engineer.

A new country means leaving Argentine cultures and customsbehind. Something that for Valeria’s family was not a problem, since there is a large community of Argentines in Spain. What the Salteña engineer stands out is that maintaining some customs is expensive: “Every day I take my mate, at home and at work, but the weed comes out 7 euros,” she said. He added that the Spaniards stand out the Argentine asado , but they do not have cuts like emptiness. But everything is solved once you find butchers managed by Argentines or Uruguayans.

His work is good, he is recognized by his peers and his level brings peace of mind to her, to her husband and to her daughter Mika. Mallorca is a paradise island and is a very visited place by all Europeans.


Integration is not easy in any country in the world. The Mallorcans are closed, but they have a very large community of foreigners. In her home the Salteña Valeria has as neighbors Russians, English and Germans. Your daughter will learn Mallorcan yes or yes, because it is the language they use in school. La Salteña tells that it helps to be legally on the island. Those who suffer most inconveniences are African immigrants who enter Mallorcaillegally.

An important point is that Spanish culture has always recognized talent, the ultimate expression of this is Lionel Messi. But it is applicable to any profession. And the training she has received at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional de Tucumán gave the necessary tools to the young woman.

Salteña culture of export

The export of Argentine culture was not only in the mate and the asado. At their parties, food with dulce de lecheis offered, a product that drives everyone crazy. The empanadas salteñas could not miss and will have their place on the Spanish island.

The future of the Velestaqui family

Reaching that level

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