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The weird things that happen in Cinco Saltos

Five Saltos is considered one of the most haunted cities in the world.

Located north of   Rio Negro   , on the limit with   Neuquen   ,   Cinco Saltos is one of the towns of Alto Valle   and, although it is known for its fruit-horticultural production, it also gained worldwide the reputation of being   one of the most haunted places on the planet.  

Why? Because there are many events to which it is difficult to find explanation and the stories date from   desert campaign   until the mysterious appearance of a mummified girl who would have died in the first decades of the twentieth century.

  A place where life does not grow  

One of the places that arouses the greatest fear, intrigue and suspicions of witchcraft is the so-called   Bass Negro, a place where the sun does not give   where life does not grow, where it is not worth bothering to try to plant a flower and, as they say, people gather to do acts of witchcraft, although it is also believed that that place is cursed.

  Native peoples and battalions of the Argentine Army reportedly fought in a bloody battle there.   But the funny thing is that there were no victors and defectors. Or perhaps there were defeated, but not victors, as it is believed that no one survived that confrontation. By the tremendous bloodshed on the Black Bass, the lands would have been cursed.

Another version indicates that there was no battle: when everything was about to begin, an indigenous chieftain uttered a few words and immediately a flash illuminated the sky, making everyone there ready to fight disappear. That is why it is believed that not only the Black Bass, but all Five Jumps, is under a curse by the shedding of indigenous blood and that of its enemies on that site of the   Patagonia   .

More here in time, there are not a few who claim to have seen people dressed in black performing rituals of witchcraft. As the sun never reaches that place nestled among the bars of Cinco Saltos, it is the preferred place for this practice.

  A woman on the route to the lake  

  Lake Pellegrini   is an artificial water mirror located near the town. This is a tourist site of Cinco Saltos, but something dark is also linked to it, or at least on the way to the place.

The story tells that on the way to the lake, a spectrum appears on the artery. There is a curve between Cinco Saltos and the lake where accidents are frequent. Drivers negligence? Maybe, but there are not a few who claimed that, at the time of the accident, they saw something or someone standing in the middle of the asphalt. It is said that it is a woman looking for those who dare to circulate at night through that artery. The versions also indicate that this woman sometimes goes along the side of the route with a baby in her arms and that she tries to cross when she feels the presence of a vehicle.

  The Mummy Girl  

Finally, another story circulating around Cinco Saltos dates back to the new millennium, when a cemetery employee found in an unidentified tomb   a baby about 10 or 12 years old mummified   : In perfect condition, you could distinguish each limb, its facial features and even his eyes.

It is believed that the girl died in the 1930s and found her in 2002 by an employee who told the municipal authorities about the finding, but was warned to keep what happened secret. He kept it in the ossuary of the cemetery but the rumor began to run quickly.

It was never known who it was or what happened to him, but the townspeople began to bring candles and pray to the mummified baby.

Three stories, at different points and different eras in a city nestled in the middle   Patagonia   which, they say, is one of the most   haunted   of the world.


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