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The vampire of the chicken coop

Almost 40 years ago, the east and south of Mendoza were frightened and stupefied for a few months, by the presence of the vampire of the chicken coops.

To this day there are people who continue to be persignated when passing through the land where there were huge chicken coop and cattle breeding.  Terror is latent . I just never knew what happened to the vampire, so they're afraid that one day he'll show up again.

 Almost 50 years  ago an unexplained event arose in the district of  Los Barriales  , department of San Martín,  50 kilometers east of the City of Mendoza  . A fact that transcended the borders of the department, which spread throughout the province and that interested some national media. Thanks more to word of mouth than to documentation, the legend still endures in the collective memory.

It all started in the  winter of 1972, in Los Barriales, when in different houses they began to appear dead, and in circumference, hens. The characteristic they presented were two holes in the hut and that were dry, without a single drop of blood, but without signs of violence.   Then followed the turn of the rabbits and even of the ducks, which presented the same end. Brave dogs were not heard barking, and they were going to hide in places far away from chicken coats. But the vampire's anger spread to Palmira, passed through Giagnoni and reached the south of Mendoza, without respecting chicken coops or rabbit hens.

The popular newspaper  Mendoza , which has already disappeared,  provided extensive coverage of the events, and it was common for it to run out very early throughout the eastern area. It's just that people were eager to know information about the vampire.   The strongest theory was that it was a kind of giant cat or a cougar that had reached that part of the province. Nothing proven.


 Neighbourhood patrols were organized to tour the fields and find the creature, mass was celebrated in the parish to drive out the devil who prowled around Barriales, in the evenings the shotguns remained near the bed, just in case, and the doors had double trance and a string of garlic . Suspicions of the place that housed the vampire were oriented towards the “swamp”, an extension of huge grasslands located behind the barriales cemetery.

In that winter of 1972, only fear was breathed.  The gatherings of the Los Barriales Social and Deportivo Club shone with their absence, and in the evenings only a couple of bicycles were observed, at most, leaving early. There was no light either at the  Gervasio Posadas school or the Merceditas Cultural Center in San Martín. Everything was dark in Barriales. Nor do you step into the white pyramid of Plaza González.


One night, a neighbor who had a field smoked sitting in a groove, in the light of the stars. Suddenly,  he thought he saw a lump with a thick tail, near the chicken coop, took the revolver, pointed at it, but, stepping on a dry branch, the noise alerted the lump, which fled infield. Gonzalez ran to the detachment, and told Sergeant Rufino Arregui, who had other theories.   After several hours of conversation, they haven't reached anywhere. It was as close as he got to the vampire.

They say that the cemetery keeper fulfilled the task of reviewing the graves for several nights in a row, consumed by fear of what could be found, although he never found anything. Some said it was a big fox, a weasel, a ferret, a wild cat, a wild dog, a winemaker's owl. Others swore that he was a man, with claws and fangs. But no one explained why of the animals that appeared dry in blood.

 Forgotten Mystery 

With the arrival of summer,  as mysteriously as it appeared, the vampire's wanderings ceased. Nobody knew why, but the correspondent for the newspaper Mendoza, a few days earlier, reported a fact that was later denied by the police: a strange wake in a camp in Rivadavia. It was said to be a black mass, to exorcise a possessed: the son of a renowned  winemaker in the area.

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