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The talking doll of San Carlos

In the Valley of Uco Mendoza, we can not only delight in natural wonders, we can also be scared with this talking doll.

Urban Legends
Valle de Uco

It tells the story that, a few years ago, a woman of about 60 years, engaged in embalming and collecting animals, picked up  a doll in a garbage container . She was attracted by the beauty of the toy, as she was blonde, celestial eyes and angelic face. He took her home and left her rest with foxes and dry vizcachas, who were staring, embalmed.

But the face of the doll began to change or, at least, it began to be perceived in another way.  The angelic, kind face changed. He happened to have macabre aspects and even a cut came up in the cachete, as if someone had hit him with something.   But the situation became rarer when the button on her back was “play”: “Hi, my name is Sandrita, Fiorela, Paola. I'm 5, 7 and 9 years old.” And everything became totally abnormal when the woman put on a dress she herself made for her, but when she squeezed “play,” the doll said, “I don't like this dress, Mom.”  Thus, the doll began to emit messages until she started a conversation with the woman. He even talked to the housewife's husband, and not exactly friendly conversations.  

Sometimes the doll asked the woman to take her to a dark and farther place.  However, the woman began to consider her as a daughter, not finishing realizing that the doll was not friendly.   The lady took her home to friends and family, and everyone heard her talk. Thus, the legend became increasingly famous. Until, at one point, the relatives convinced the woman to bring a mechanic to her wrist to disconnect the battery, but when they pryed with a screwdriver to open the lid, the wrist cried in pain, like a real real child. So they had to go home, while the husband told the lady that they should return the doll to the place where he had taken it, but the toy understood everything and said, “Shut up, what are you talking about? ”.

 Holy water 

The next day, the man went to church and told the parish priest everything.  He gave him holy water and the man sprayed the entire body of the wrist with this substance. In principle, this made me stop talking.   Once this was done, they both decided to take her to the dumpster. But on the way, their brakes were cut off from the car, so they decided to throw it on the street. When they came home, and since that moment, they haven't stopped listening to voices, every day.

It became known that the original owner of the doll was a man who had bought it in Chile for his daughter, but that one day she hit the wrist with a zapa in her face (the reason was never known) and that's why they threw her. But they never admitted having heard her speak more than she was initially repeating.

 The last time the doll was seen was at an exhibition of toys and handicrafts in the square of San Carlos. Many people tried to start a conversation and record it with their cell phones, but they were crazy. Contacts were deleted and applications did not open. Today, they say, the doll no longer exists. A woman burned her and buried her ashes.   But the voices in the house of the second mistress, who found her in the container, are still being heard.

Publication Date: 22/04/2021

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