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The path of death

In one of the most beautiful areas of the capital of Santafesina there is the legend of the path of death. A tragedy would have given rise to the myth.

Urban Legends

Those of us who live our  childhood  in the southern part of the capital city have known or, at least, heard of the death path of the  South Park lake .

The park in question is one of the most beautiful green  spaces  that Santa Fe has. Its beautiful lake is artificial, created as a waste of the Riacho Santa Fe. It has a very important  function of leisure  , being surrounded by sports clubs, squares, a spa and being a few meters from the   historic center of Santafesino   . 

Children and teenagers in the area, at a time when it was still possible to be with friends  on the streets  without the parents present,  spent long afternoons playing  in the park and their immediate vicinity. There is a trail that runs along the lake, along a considerable distance. They called it the path of death. I thought the name was because of the  danger of the route . Truly, it had  steep ravines  and stones, so the latent chance of falling could cause significant damage. Nothing happened to me and my friends, but frankly, I think we were lucky.

The story

It was not until recently that I learned that the path of death was not known only by my environment, but is  a true  urban legend    Santafesin . There are people who claim to have seen, at night, a curious teenager circulate in that area. The story goes that, in the early 1980s,  a 13-year-old boy, who was doing the same antics as   my friends and I , stumbled on that road and hit his head against a rock, and then fell into the water. His companions laughed, believing that it was a big  joke .  The impact had caused her death  and had given free rein to the myth.

Publication Date: 09/09/2020

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