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The paranormal antenna was turned on

Call the production of “paranormal activity,” because Paraná has several anecdotes of places with spirits prowling.

The city is small and the rumors are big. For many years the locals have learned about  strange facts  that were happening in a distance and at various points.   There is little left for us to set up a city tour of the paranormal . We have stories of ghosts spread in unusual and emblematic spaces of our beloved capital.  Are you in the superstitious group or the skeptics?   You decide it. In the meantime, I'm going to tell you what was going through the area.

 The haunted bus 

It was  May 2010  and a  driver  was driving a  unit of urban line 20  of local collectives. Arriving in the  vicinity of the Cemetery  in the surrounding town of  San Benito  ,  he turned off the car lights  .  Which typically represents a sign of completion of the route . Minutes before the clock marked 22 hours, he spotted in the distance a man beckoning him. They both knew each other and although the service was over, he let him go up anyway. At that moment, the two subjects had to go through a  paranormal situation that left them trembling from fear . Driver and passenger saw a  blonde, young woman with dull skin, red eyes, scruffy and very smelling hair .

How could they see the latter? Because he was at the bottom of the collective  walking the corridor  in gloom. There, the apparent spirit quickly approached the driver and looked him fixed in the eyes. He then opened the bag he had in his hands and  showed him a human head . Then he wanted to start a dialogue and asked the subject what the end of the circuit was because she had to cross another bus  , obviously, he was late for the next turn to scare people . Finally, the spectrum disappeared at the junction of Avenida Jorge Newbery and Route 12, near the access where it all started.

 Looking forward to reading a little while 

The  gargoyles  waiting for the Buenos Aires street door to 256 already give you signs of something. The  Popular Library  is an emblem of the city and  stands out  for its  architecture  . However, his name of such would not be complete without some  story of ghosts walking among the books . In this regard, testimonies of people who claim to have seen a  little girl wearing a nineteenth century costume abound. Meanwhile, he has fun playing hide and seek between the shelves of the place.

 In jail too  

In  March 2011  , a  group of officers and non-commissioned officers from the Criminal Unit I in Paraná  warned about  various abnormal events  . They all took place inside the school, especially at  night and at dawn . Even the police in charge of the night guards had countless drawbacks in some sectors. Not only with  shouts and noises to chains , but also by the  repeated appearance of images or bodies . The  scary thing  is that they kept in the air or walked through the walls.

 With a 10 in terms of scare 

And we got to the last. In  November 2009 , the  National College of Paraná was undergoing a series of  reforms in its structure. During the process, a group of workers were looking for a drain, and instead found a  well 10 meters deep . The iron staircase leading to the bottom and the rarity of the event aroused several popular myths  about it.

One of these came from the  serene  of the work, which at the time claimed that  noises were heard  at  night  . Apparently, the paranormal event took place on the upper floor of the building, where children were heard in the classrooms receiving classes. In addition, there were teachers who perceived  strange sounds  in the students' room before people came to work. They defined it as the sheets of a notebook that were permanently turned over.  Okay, scary .

Rating: 4.50/5.