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The Molero went for a walk aboard a UFO, part 2

We return to the story of the UFO that kidnapped the Molero brothers to reveal to you whether the parents finally managed to recover them or not.

Urban Legends

They say what I promised is debt. So  we continue  with the story of the  four brothers  from  Concordia   who  came out on a walk up a  UFO  . But first let's recapitulate a little what happened to refresh the memory a little. In case you don't remember, little ones by the  name Molero  starred in a  strange event  when they were  caught by aliens  . Those involved were  Maria of 8 years, Emma of 6, Jorge of 5 and Carlos of 3 .While playing with their neighbors on land near their home, a spaceship came down from the sky and took them away. The fact was spotted by his own parents and other witnesses, who were able to do nothing to stop what was happening.

However, the siblings  were not even a drama  for their abduction. While they admitted that they  felt a little scared  at first, then revealed that they  made good friends  over there in the  galaxy . In fact, they told that an  alien named Laiar  fed them and was very kind to them. In addition, they argued that he was not alone, but that there were other beings similar to him. Also, they added that the  artifact  was  golden in color, with bright lights everywhere constantly turning on and off  . Although everything finally ends and the time came to return home.  Bye, dear Laiar .

 The great return 

 Emilio and Carmen, the parents of the boys, told how it was that the aliens returned their  children  . It happened on a Tuesday night, while the police had already searched everywhere. The authorities had even sent military aircraft from a nearby base to rake the area. During the evening, the mother was desperate and communicated with Armando Azparén, an expert on the UFO phenomenon. He told him to stay calm because they were most likely to return safely. So they stayed to expect the best of the situation in the living room of the house.

Suddenly, the parents saw that the  ground next door   was brightly  lit. Then they went out and discovered that  their three sons were coming down from the same ship that had carried them three days ago . So, together, they ran to them and Carmen couldn't stop crying over the thrill of having them with her. Emilio then went to the police to notify them that the children were back at home. The next day, the Molers took their boys to the doctor to make sure they were okay.There, they confirmed that they had undergone certain medical examinations during the voyage. It happens that everyone  had needle marks on their back , which were photographed by the authorities present.

 Oh, what a mystery 

The information and guesswork surrounding the case were  short and confusing . Starting with a military spokesman who did not deny or claim reports that a UFO had been detected that day. It also did not provide details of whether the radar recorded anything at the time of the kidnapping or when the little brothers were returned. However, sources close to the aeronautical authorities said they were investigating what happened and that, having the results, they would publish it. As expected,  the fact was never solved and everything was  left in a nebula. Although most of the Concordians believe in the  veracity of the story  and to this day it continues to be replicated.  What do you think? 

Publication Date: 16/11/2020

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