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The legend of quebracho colorado

The red quebracho is a tree that was on the verge of extinction after the cruel exploitation of La Forestal. An ancient legend will always remember it.

Quebracho colorado,  native   to the Chaco plain  , has a known history,  closely linked to the economic tragedies of our country . During much of the twentieth century, an English company called  La Forestal developed a prolific structure : more than 40 villages and thousands of kilometres of railway. But when they finished their work  in the 1960s, they abandoned everything . Worst, deforestation: 90% of the  mountain chaco  disappeared forever. The powerful red quebracho, practically extinct.

Already in the  popular imaginary  of the inhabitants of the region,  there was a traditional  legend     behind the quebracho colorado. According to this story, there was a chieftain of the Quichua tribe named Anka. He was the head of this  tribe  and lived next to his son Puca-Sonko, who was proud to be a very brave young man who loved nature. This tribe was responsible for  hunting  the jaguar, deer and quirquincho. Without a doubt, this kind of healthy life and in permanent contact with nature provided them with strength, dexterity and skill. They were also engaged in agriculture and  fisheries . However, one day, peace and tranquility were disturbed.

Rumors came to the  tribe that armies of viracochas were approaching  for the purpose of   conquering  those lands  . Chief Anka regretted that  his son was still too young  to fight.  He invited him the same, to help  in the resistance and in the fight, because he was very brave. So they all took their arms and shields, and without hesitation went out to fight the viracochas. As they knew the jungle well,  they were able to overcome them , certainly being in permanent contact with nature saved them.

 Strength and fidelity 

 Anka got old, got sick and died . This  tragedy  accelerated the growth of  Puca-Sonko . Because of his father's death,  he must have taken over the tribe  with everything that entails for a young man. In fact, it would not be long for him to face  real challenges. 

It was a year until rumors came that  the Spaniards were going to invade all their lands.  Without hesitation, the tribe went out into the woods, to face the enemy. The Spaniards possessed weapons they had never seen each other. Nonetheless,  the  indigenous people  went out with faith and courage  to the battlefield.

A few hours passed and the indigenous women began to look for the young Puca-Sonko. Sadly,  they found him dead, near a huge tree . His spilled  blood  , oddly enough, was  absorbed by the base of the tree , which began to turn red. This is the  mythological origin  of the faithful, strong and suffered quebracho colorado.

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