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The legend of Huiñaj: why was it the girl who could talk to the clouds?

The town of Santiago tells a legend that has as its protagonist the daughter of a chieftain and the wise nature. Did you know her?

Urban Legends
La leyenda de Huiñaj

According to Santiago legend, thousands of years ago, there was a girl named  Huiñaj , daughter of a chieftain from a tribe who lived in  Santiago del Estero . The girl was very creative, she liked to do two things: make designs on a loom and go for a walk.

Huiñaj spent many hours of the day weaving and, when he got tired of doing so, he decided to go for a walk.He did not leave very often, but when he wanted to leave his home he was prepared very enthusiastically. She put on her best tunic, a necklace and a lot of flowers on her hair, all her outfit was yellow, as it was her favorite color.

When she was ready to go for a walk, she walked through the streets very quiet enjoying the  landscapes  of her village, but when sunset came something strange happened.Every time she returned to her home, the sky was covered with black clouds and a wind began to shake out of those that looked like they want to take the houses ahead, and then a big rain fell on her tribe.

This phenomenon happened every time  Huiñaj  went out for a walk, which is why the inhabitants of his village believed that the girl was the one who made it rain. People, every time I saw her pass, whispered, “That girl is the one that rains.”Others also commented on the bottom: “It's the girl who can talk to the clouds.”

All the members of the tribe enjoyed the rain thanks to the hikes of the chieftain's daughter, but one day came that  Huiñaj  did not leave his house anymore and the rain did not return either. The girl had become ill, no longer weave, and she didn't go for a walk either. Her illness was very strange, they held sorcerers and sorcerers, because when they came to her home to cure her they failed to determine what it was and that is why everyone was very worried about her. The girl was becoming weaker and days went by and did not recover.The townspeople claimed that it wasn't raining because  Huiñaj  had not gone for a walk anymore.

The fields needed water, drought invaded the place and every day that passed the plants died and, as nature observed the desperation of the tribe, decided to intervene, says the santiagueña legend. How did he do it?: transformed  Huiñaj  into a tree. This tree was unique, never seen before by any of the locals, it was dark green and was all covered with yellow flowers.

When people saw the yellow flowers they automatically related the  tree  to the girl and began to ask her: rain!Rain!Rain!Rain!Others cried out: water!Water!Water! The whole town gathered around the tree screaming for rain.

After a few minutes, the sky darkened and was invaded by black clouds, seconds later, a few small drops began to fall that were later larger and heavier, until the sky decided to break those clouds unleashing a torrential rain over the village. The rain lasted several days and everyone quenched their thirst, and the fields were covered with intense green.

From that moment on, legend tells that the people of  Santiago never again  cared about the drought since, when he observes that  Huiñaj  is covered with yellow flowers, it is true andntilde; the one that rains are approaching.

Publication Date: 06/12/2020

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