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The ghost of the hotel Eden

There's something more creepy than a ghost: the ghost of a baby.

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Is there anything more creepy than a ghost? Yeah, there's something more creepy than a ghost: the ghost of a baby. And where is the worst place for him to show up? I don't know what is the worst, but undoubtedly on the list there is a hotel, space in which one is supposed to relax for a comforting holiday and ends with a nervous breakdown, running in the corridors or gardens.

This happened at Hotel Edén de La Falda, a town in the beautiful province of Córdoba. Both guests and employees (now that I think about it, being an employee of a haunted hotel is even worse than being a tourist) claimed to have seen a spectrum of a babe going up and down the stairs, casting shadows where there was no physical body to generate them and sudden temperature changes in different rooms.

The story taken as an “officer” is as follows: 1899 ran and little Ana Jaime, just eight years old, had fallen ill. Apparently (medicine was not as advanced as it was in our day and many of these diagnoses were a bit “blind”), the problem was a very invasive bacterium that, in addition, reproduced extraordinarily fast. Her father, on the advice of the doctors, in addition to giving her prescribed medications, took her to the Punilla Valley, where the mountain climate, in theory, would help counteract the respiratory problem that put her life at risk. Ideal weather conditions plus prolonged rest gave expectations to the family. They arrived at the Eden Hotel on January 2.

The testimonies of the time state that the baby seemed to enjoy the environment a lot and began to improve noticeably. Summer and weather seemed to be working as doctors had predicted and had even tanned. Before February starts, suddenly, he passed away. It is said that the reason was not the initial disease but the consumption of contaminated milk. We'll never know. Maybe one day I'll reveal it to visitors who appear more than a hundred years later, maybe he still has things to say.

Publication Date: 18/11/2020

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