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The city of silence

The cemetery of San Jerónimo is a good option to rest in eternity, but it is also the city of silence and hosts paranormal visits.

Urban Legends
Silencio leyenda

  The Cemetery  of San Jerónimo  is an icon of the city of Córdoba. Located in Alto Alberdi, it treasures  the ancestors of Cordovan history . Therefore, from many  tourist  agencies there are daily or night visits, as well as in the famous cemeteries of other cities. Like in the Recoleta or the Père-Lachaise in  Paris.  Welcome to the  city  of silence

What makes this place special is  the  dark stories   it hides. In addition to the  paranormal  activity that inhabits it at night. It is the oldest in  the capital  of Córdoba, and that is why  many personalities rest in it.  Among them, some who stayed with unfinished business and choose this space to continue prowling over the Earth. The San Jerónimo cemetery  was inaugurated in 1843,  under the Government of Governor Manuel López. From that moment it became the most important property of the style. Guided tours and walks are carried out in this cemetery, as it is a  unique architectural work  .  In their stunning mausoleums rest  great personalities.  Architects, artists, sculptors, historians and politicians  rest in the rooms of  the place.

In the polls, templets, niches and pantheons  of indescribable beauty,  the  ancestors  that make today's Córdoba are housed. In addition, all decorated with messages from loved ones. Each section is  organized with names of Catholic saints  and there are many images of these celestial entities.

 City of silence, city of mystery 

The tour through the tombs hosts thousands of  curious stories.  Mostly paranormal and mysterious that include  iconic characters of the city . Legends of lodges, betrayals and tragedies.  Stories of tragic deaths and apparitions . These myths generate anecdotes that fuse science, religion and politics, and generate various  sensations and emotions.  Among them: fear, terror and intrigue. A tour of the suspense organized by the municipality gave a nickname to the Cemetery of San Jerónimo:  “The city of silence”.  In this interesting city there are personalities such as Jardín Florido, Marcos Juarez and Sister Purita. Also Oscar Cabalén, Victor Brizuela and Manolito Canovas, among other  characters .  They tell the bad tongues  that some of them  wake up and stalk  visitors. And there are also anecdotes  about miracles  that occurred in the wake of these dead.

Would you encourage yourself to visit the city of silence?

Publication Date: 08/09/2020

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