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The beautiful legend of lapacho

I met an emotional legend about a tree. Lapacho, in its variety of colors, adorns the spring santafesinas.

Urban Legends
lapacho leyenda

 September lookout alert, 

 quinceañera feast tenderness,  

 winter crashes among its flowers,  

 covering the sidewalks with pink.  

Mamerto Menapace


Contrasting with the golden ones of autumn, the colors of winter are opaque, gray and show the nudity of the trees. Only oranges and grapefruits stand out in the middle of the perennial frond, firm in the glass, preparing to give rise to the orange blossoms. These,  at the end of August, begin to perfume squares, school courtyards and some spacious gardens.  

Already in September, the varied colors that,  in a few weeks, will relentlessly paint the entire urban landscape , announcing that very soon spring will be present and everything will change.

The widest sidewalks look for the delight of those who circulate through them a variety of colors that exhibit, at first, the “cow hooves”, imitators of orchids in white, pink, fuchsia and yellow, but which, in a few days, are accompanied by those who  reign in the urban landscape and win in admiration: the lapachos .

Children of this land and heirs of legacies of colonial times, populate streets, squares, avenues and provide a spectacle that is impossible to ignore. They abound mainly rosés, but they also appear on a smaller scale, but with the same size and beauty, yellow ones. Very few white lapachos are seen in the city, usually found more often in a few fifths.

It is undoubtedly the lapacho the tree most admired by Santafesinos and that awakens in them a singular sense of rooting , belonging to these latitudes and to the stories that shaped what today makes the idiosyncrasy of a town that, in addition to the water mirrors that surround it, is proud of have a natural setting that provides the admirable specimens of the public woodland.

 Lapacho and a legend 

Legend has it that the God of the Guaraní, when he was willing to separate the brothers Tupí and Guaraní, one day before the departure of Guarani, said to them:  “The two are and will always be conquerors of lands,  the symbol of their conquests will be that you, as you settle in a community, will mark with large trees of different colors whose name will be Tajy, 'the conquered lands. '” And so Tupã Tenondete gave them the seed of these heavy trees that he had brought from the “Yvaga”, promising that if they cultivated the seeds, the largest trees would grow and they would use the wood for all utensils they needed: canoes, cutlery, weapons, arrows, houses. Since the beginning of the conquest of the Guaraníes, you can enjoy on all the paths the lapachos of various colors: white, yellow and pink. Since that time, the Guaraní claim that lapacho always brings the fortress of Tupã to all the people, because, by looking at it and touching it,  the tree transmits an incomparable force to them, clearly marking the territory that belongs to this tribe . For this reason the Guaranis call it “The tree of Yvaga”, the tree of Tupã Tenondete.

 For being so humble and courageous, you will have different colors and textures and your lineage will be huge.  

Another version of the legend says that  God made one of the most beautiful trees that, in some regions, gives color even to winter :

  • The white lapacho.
  • The yellow lapacho.
  • The swamp lapacho.
  • Smooth leaf lapacho.
  • The yellow fog lapacho.
  • The pink lapacho.
  • The purple lapacho.
  • The purple lapacho.

Wow, with this note, the desire that everyone can be like lapacho. That, despite adversities, let us know how to flourish even in the winters of life.

Publication Date: 11/06/2021

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