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Argentine legends: the Dead Correa, a Sanjuanina devotion

Deolinda Correa is the protagonist of one of the most narrated legends in our country. With the passage of time, he has managed to gather a multitude of devotees from the Argentine people, and even from other countries.

One of the legends that has become one of the greatest devotions of pagan faith in our country is the legend of the  Dead Correa . His death occurred in the 1840s, and his story narrated in the province of  San Juan  was replicated for years throughout the Argentine territory. In fact, in countries such as Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru and even Canada, devotees of the woman named Deolinda Correa visit her tomb every year to thank for the miracles accomplished, as well as favors of all kinds, for example, requests to heal relatives of some illness or family members or friends.


Deolinda Correa was the wife of Clemente Bustos, a man who lived in Angaco, San Juan. When he was recruited by the montoneros groups to participate in the civil wars, he was forcibly taken, as he was not in good health. He was taken to  La Rioja  and his wife could not do anything to prevent him despite begging this group not to take it. So, she tried to go after him with her newborn baby.

On his journey, he left with scarce supplies such as little water and food and, in the course of the  Sanjuanino desert, he died of exhaustion. The next day it was found by a few drowers, who found that the child was still alive. The little one managed to survive because he breastfed his mother's milk even though she was already lifeless. This group of people buried him and took the baby.


Later, legend has it that a  Chilean  runner named Zeballos, on a trip back to his country, passed through the woman's tomb, and saw that his arreo was being harmed by a violent storm. Desperate for the losses of his field, he bowed to the tomb and promised that, if he recovered his cattle, he would build a chapel in his honor. Days later, the miracle happened and Zeballos found his cattle grazing peacefully, as near a ravine animals had taken refuge from the storm.

The drier kept his promise and made a sanctuary, and the miracle was narrated by the locals scattering throughout the province. The stone construction is located on National Route 141, near the town of Vallecito, Caucete department, in the province of San Juan. Its walls, covered with plates where devotees of the Dead Correa, leave their thanks for the miracles granted cover the entire structure of the constructed oratory.

From that devotion emerged one of the most narrated Argentine legends in our country, where she has as protagonist Deolinda Correa, her husband Clemente Bustos, native of Angaco, San Juan and the droers of the area who found the woman lifeless for going after her husband who was recruited for the wars civilians of those years.

History had so much repercussion in Argentina that every year devotees from different provinces of our country come to the  sanctuary  to thank and ask for miracles, where they claim that they are always granted. Also, many truckers stop their passage, pray and thank them. Others, with little time, passing through the chapel, decide to persign themselves and mentally ask that the Dead Correa accompany them on the course of their way along the route, taking care of them in the event of possible accidents.

Deolinda Correa died during the 19th century, and his legend managed to become one of the greatest devotions of faith of our Argentine people.

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