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An autumn legend of the end of the world

“Kamshout and Autumn” is the ultimate Fueguina legend. Its history transports us to the southernmost area of Argentinian Patagonia.

Urban Legends
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Folk tales allow us to know the  flora and fauna of the place and, also, its traditions . They are  stories  that pass from generation to generation, and are very attractive to children. On this occasion, we moved — through this particular legend  Selk'nam — to an Amerindian village that inhabited the Big Island of  Tierra del Fuego  and narrates the  legend  of a young traveler who discovered autumn and the “origin of parrots” in his lands.

 The story 

He says that, in the early days, the leaves of the  forests  were always green, never fell from the trees, nor did they change their color when autumn came. At that time, he lived, in what we now know as the Fueguina province, a town known as Ona. There, lived a young man named Kamshout who loved to travel and explore new lands.

One day, Kamshout left for one of his  trips . Time passed, much longer than expected, and the young man did not return, everyone missed the boy and the stories he told when he returned. Seeing that he wasn't coming back, his family and friends gave him for dead.

When no one expected it anymore, Kamshout appeared, older and with lots of anecdotes to tell. Among them, the young man told the one who astonished him the most: he had discovered a magical place, populated with beautiful infinite forests, and that the leaves of the trees turned reddish and golden and then began to fall freely to the ground, until the trees seemed to be totally dead.

As temperatures rose, the magnificent treetops were reborn to degrade greens, that is, everything sprouted again as if by magic.

No one believed the story; Kamshout must have endured that everyone was mocking him, then, disillusioned, he decided to leave and no one ever saw him again.

 The return 

Time passed and the young man returned turned into a  bird  of green, yellow and red feathers. He was back to give everyone a lesson. When autumn came, the bird began to flutter from tree to tree and, when rubbing them, with its red feathers it was staining them all. The whole town was worried, they thought the trees were going to die. Now Kamshout was laughing.

Since that time parrots gather in groups in the branches of the trees and emit characteristic squeaks.

 A great flying fauna  

Birds constitute the most numerous and varied group within the Fueguina  fauna  .

Many of these species are easily observable, so Tierra del Fuego is a real paradise for the bird watching lover, where the southern parakeet inhabits, with its singing like laughter.

Wild birds in Tierra del Fuego are protected by Provincial Law No. 101/ 93, which prohibits hunting throughout the province. In the northeast zone, the Atlantic Coast Reserve was created by Provincial Law No. 415/98. This is a protected natural area with a wide diversity of migratory and endemic waterfowl, included in the Hemispheric Shorebird Reserves Network (RHRAP) and designated “wetland of international importance” by the Ramsar Convention. Depending on the environment and the time of year, you can find different species of birds in Tierra del Fuego:

  • Blackberry Eagle
  • Common Harrier
  • Bandurria Tie Crouch
  • Berry
  • Sea Becasa
  • Condor
  • Gull Coffee Hooded
  • Peregrine Hawk
  • Chimango
  • Southern Gull
  • Red Head Jack
  • Barcino Duck
  • Flying Steam Duck Quetro
  • Playerito white rabadilla
  • Large Maca or Huala
  • Duck Creston or Juarjual
  • White beach bowl
  • Red beach bowl Southern
  • oyster Common steam duck or southern
  • quetro Corn
  • Duck

Publication Date: 05/05/2020

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