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Two Argentines at the Titanic

There is no place in the world where there has not been or there is a compatriot. Two Argentines at
Argentines around the world
No hay lugar en el mundo en donde no haya habido o haya un compatriota
| 01 September, 2019 |

It’s nothing new that we have compatriots scattered all over the world. And yes, there were even two Argentines at the Titanic. One was saved. The other, he died like a hero.

Violet Constance Jessop.

An Argentinean half trout

He was born in Bahía Blanca, so it was Argentine. But at the time of the tragedy, he had adopted England as his home for several years. In fact, in the Titanic worked as a first-class waitress. During the shipwreck, he saved a baby.

Violet had a black record: in 42 years working on ships, she survived two shipwrecks and a crash. The crash occurred a year earlier. It was on the Titanic’s minor twin and against a warship. But the funny thing is that the captain of the ship, Edward Smith, also survived. To whom the White Star Line, not content with the first shock, gave the captaincy of the Titanic…

The third time Violet survived was the time the hospital ship Britannic sank during the First World War. The woman was not predestined to die on high seas, you can see.

An Argentinian with all the letters

Edgardo Andrewwas a 17-year-old Cordovan who was studying naval engineering in England. Who luck played against very ugly.

An older brother of Edgardo, Silvano, was a naval engineer of the Argentine Navy. It had been sent by Admiral Manuel Domecq (do you know the Domecq Shipyard?) to supervise the construction of two ships for Argentina. Warships Rivadavia and Moreno. Silvano offered Edgardo a job in New Jersey. And that’s where the unfortunate departed.

The other bad luck move was that Edgardo wasn’t going to travel on the Titanic. But a miners’ strike left half of England without coal. And the Titanic was the only ship for which the conflict had been foreseen and supplied. Not believing it was what shipped the boy on the liner.

So young, life would lead Edgardo to become a hero. A real one. In a gesture of a nobility typical of the Argentine country, the boy gave his life jacket to a young English woman. She would then be raised to a life-saving vote and rescued by the celebrated Carpathia.

Her name was Edwina Troutt. And she was just lucky to be Edgardo’s table mate. She also saved a baby in her arms (the chronicles say, that parents threw their babies into the few lifeboats so that they could at least be saved). Edwina lived until she was 100 and came to meet, years later, the man she saved.

Edgardo Andrew. O swear with glory to die!

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