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Why is it wrong to lynch people?

Justice by our own hand is a path that inevitably leads us to a place we don't want to go.

The worst thing about us

Little by little, I see how my worst nightmares are slowly coming true. In some note posted on this site about a year ago I had already talked about the subject that I am going to talk about now. At that time, I remember it perfectly, I saw the phenomenon as starting to appear, but, with some relief, I still felt it quite distant.  I don't see it like that anymore. It's getting closer and closer .

What do I mean?  To the scene worthy of 1984 or  Black Mirror  that was lived last week in José C. Paz.  Suddenly, in the quiet afternoon, a woman started screaming that a guy wanted to steal from his daughter. To this person's unfortunate cries (I can't imagine a more limiting situation than seeing how your baby is being robbed) was added another woman, asking the neighbors to stop him until the police arrive.  As expected, the neighbors stopped him. 

In the middle of the tumult, one hit a pineapple on the kidnapper. As usually happens, the first pineapple was added another and in record time there were already enough neighbors hitting it on the floor. The first woman to join the call for help redouble the bet and shouted, desperately, “Shit it until the police arrive.”  The neighbors listed to him. The  kidnapper  ended up in the hospital. 

Now, the problem.  It's not right to lynch people.  I repeat for doubts: IT IS NOT OK TO LYNCH PEOPLE. Because that is not how justice is done and because if we start  killing  each other there will be no longer the rule of law or individual guarantees or anything. But in addition, this case shows more than ever the premise that it is not right to lynch people. Why am I saying it?  Because the lynch was the baby's father. And the one who had a perimeter restriction for ill-treatment was the mother, who accused him of wanting to steal the creature. How did the topic end? With the interned father, the flounding mother and the little girl, as always,  with the worst consequence of all: a horrible life experience that will never be forgotten.  Let's not do  justice  by our own hand.  For something it's as illegal to lynch a criminal as an innocent person.  Besides, as it was clear, we can be wrong.

Publication Date: 17/03/2019

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