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Why is it so hard for us to lend a hand?

The ropes we tend sometimes hang more than they help.

The worst thing about us

Who didn't happen to get the car and let him go? The first thing that crosses our head is that we got robbed. But sometimes, when we look up or look at the cord of the sidewalk, we notice that it was not the friends of others who took it, but the crane (which for some are nothing other than other friends), there we breathe deep and lift the ballot willing to pay the fine and recover ours. But let's admit something, at times like that, didn't they even think, “Ma yeah, I leave him lying on the beach”?

What I'm going to describe comes to the story of these missing cars and cranes. It happened in Mercedes,  Corrientes province. A good gentleman, when he got the ticket, he didn't leave his car. It went a step further and set it on fire in the face of the inspectors. The gentleman in question is a very humble person who, according to the wife's statement, had armed his work van with abandoned car remains.

This McGyver on the coast, faced with the impossibility of buying a  car  to work, was putting together, with patience and a lot of trouble, a vehicle he used “to work and to bring the girls to school, no one ever saw me walking more than 20.”

At a traffic check, the police asked him, by protocol only, for the papers in the car. Papers he obviously lacked because he hadn't bought it at a dealership, or in any formal circuit, he had simply “recycled” scrap and set it up. Aware that the vehicle was about to be confiscated, in front of the traffic personnel's astonished gaze, he sprayed the roof of the vehicle with fuel and set it  on fire . Minutes later, police reinforcements and firemen arrived to put out the flames.

The man's wife told the media (because he didn't want to go out and say anything) that when her husband was involved in this situation she took that determination because she knew he would never recover the vehicle again. He added, in a statement dedicated directly to the inspectors that the fact caused him to blame and helplessness, “Because they don't get out of the jets that walk at night crashing cars, stealing people, and even killing on a cell phone... bronca and harder is what I feel.”

The case arouses a very interesting dilemma: is Correntino citizen entitled to travel with a Frankenstein without papers? I would say no, it jeopardizes his integrity and that of the rest of the drivers. And the laws are here to comply, and we know that automotive records are to prevent theft, to make sure that the car is fit for circulation, and so many other reasons I'm not going to stop to name.

But if the poor man has no choice, what do we mean? there is no need to analyze much to realize that it was evident that he could not access any  credit  system that would allow him to buy a secure utility.

It is also clear that he did not have the possibility to choose (or get) another job where he could do without the vehicle. Shouldn't the state, in addition to confiscating his vehicle, lay out some kind of rope to help him get out of the well? I find it hard to believe there is no legal loophole so this man could keep something that had taken him so hard.

I think it's important that when this kind of thing happens we stop to think about how it came to what was reached and not just confiscate the vehicle. The ropes we tend don't have to serve just to hang.

Publication Date: 06/12/2018

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