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When there is nothing sweet about the home

During quarantine, calls to report gender-based violence increased by 25%. A reality that worries.

The worst thing about us
Cuando el hogar no tiene nada de dulce

Our house should be the safest place in the world. There we should be able to feel protected and protected. Unfortunately, for many women the home is anything but sweet. And quarantine seems to have worsened the picture. Since the beginning of Social, Preventive and Compulsory Isolation (ASPO),  calls to report  gender-based violence  have increased 25%.  For many, with the health emergency life became a real hell.

As of March 20, there were a daily average of 263 calls to Line 144. The numbers are overwhelming:  89% of callers suffer from  domestic violence  of all kinds.  Sometimes they are verbal, sometimes physical. They range from threats and insults to mistreatment, abuse or beatings. Being confined to their homes,  victims  must resort to help through the telephone line, when they may first be personally at their children's school, university, work or homes of their relatives.

According to data from the Technical Directorate of Records and Database of the  Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity,  from the time when social isolation was decreed until 31 July (the date on which the measurement was made) there were  263 calls, every 24 hours  , to ask for help, consult, guide or report situations of psychological, physical, sexual or economic  violence  .

“ In March 2020, 982 fewer communications were recorded for gender-based violence than in the same month in 2019, with a decrease of 17 percent. In April 2020, a total of 2326 more communications were received under the effects of ASPO (an increase of 28 percent). Between May and July the trend continued: in 2020 2580 more queries were received than in May 2019 (an increase of 31 percent), in June the increase was 2,217 queries (more than 29 percent) in July 2595 (increase of 31 percent),” reports Line 144.

However, since social isolation took place, Line 144 of the Nation has incorporated  new channels of assistance  via mail ( and WhatsApp (11-2771-6463/11-2775-9047 and 11-2775-9048), reported by the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity.

Quarantine should not be a conviction

It is important to remember that women who suffer gender-based violence  can leave their homes , regardless of the quarantine phase in their place of residence. They can also move between provinces, if they need to go to the house of a relative or friend, and use public transport. In addition, in cases of extreme violence, they have Comprehensive Protection Homes (HPI) or trade union hotels, where those in danger are received while the quarantine continues to be extended.

A federal problem

During the quarantine, the largest number of calls to Line 144 were from the Province of Buenos Aires (10,548 calls) and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (2640 calls). However, requests for aid come from all over the country: Santa Fe (757), Mendoza (685), Cordoba (507), Tucumán (487), Salta (263), Jujuy (263), Entre Rios (136), Chaco (128), Santiago del Estero and Rio Negro (113), San Luis (102), San Juan (109), Neuquén (99), Corrientes (78), Formosa (70), Chubut (51), Catamarca (47), La Rioja (38), Santa Cruz (20), Tierra del Fuego (18) and La Pampa (11).

A reality that worries and does not change. No one should suffer violence of any kind, in any context, much less within one's own home.  If you are in a domestic violence situation, remember: you are not alone . Cheer up to ask for help.

Publication Date: 07/09/2020

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