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What the hell is water?

If we allow our callus to form, we will lose our sensitivity forever.

The worst thing about us
Underwater scene, showing different colorful fishes swimming. Red Sea

What you are going to read happened in  La Pampa , more specifically in the town of  Castex . Actually,  I still have a hard time believing it.   When I came across the news, I came in because it seemed to me that what the headline was saying couldn't be true, that maybe they had put the headline wrong or something. But it was true. What I read was this: “He killed one woman, raped another woman, set the house on fire, and fled.” A little hyperbolic, don't you think?  Reality doesn't care to be hyperbolic or not.   It is limited to being (this in Greek sounds nicer, I swear).

The fact itself is as follows: an “individual” (I don't know what word to use to describe this human being) got into a house — which since we are clear that the house is located meters from the police station and the central square of the town - where there was a 85-year-old woman. The individual attacked Josefa Moreno de Giovannini with a blunt element in  his head, resulting in his death almost instantly . Hearing the noises, a 65-year-old neighbor known to Josefa, who was sweeping the sidewalk, went to see if the old woman needed anything. She didn't even have time to react to call someone to help them because  the individual hit her too and then raped her.   Before he left, he set the house on fire. Because there is  fire  by means it is complicated to determine whether there was a theft or not when the corresponding skills are made,  which prevents determining the motive of such barbarity.  

The police chief of La Pampa described the episode as aberrant and totally atypical for the place. It does not rule out that there has been more than one individual involved. Remember that the place was quiet, central and so close to the police station that he would at least have to make any offender think twice before committing a crime nearby. But, as the Commissioner said, we are facing an aberrant and atypical fact. I repeat this dear reader because I don't want us to forget about this.

This whole topic made me think of a story that I think I read in a book by Foster Wallace, an American writer of the best of the last century. If you didn't read it, read it, it's a little heavy but it's worth it. The story tells that there are two young little fish swimming quietly and they cross with an older fish, who greets them: “How are you guys? How was the water today? A beautiful temperature, isn't it? ”, to which the young people answer “Yes, beautiful, you're right.” Once the old man moves away, when he can no longer hear them, one of the young men says to the other,  “What the hell is  water ? What is this old man talking about?  ”. The anecdote, quite simple one must admit it, acquires a certain value when you think it a little more: if we get used to something very much, we probably stop detecting it.  Are we aware of the oxygen in the air we breathe or do we take it for granted?  

In terms of insecurity, it seems to me that we are going in that direction: we cannot accept so much repeated insecurity. Although these kinds of aberrant events don't happen regularly, we don't get used to it, however sporadic, to a guy kills an old woman, rape his neighbor and set fire a house. Let the day not come when these events go unnoticed.  Let's not let our callus form. Because once it was formed, sensitivity is lost forever.  

Publication Date: 13/04/2019

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