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The serial rapist who is legend

A serial rapist who attacked almost a hundred women went loose in the streets of Cordoba. We tell you the story.

The worst thing about us

It was around the year 2000 when the streets of Cordoba was on the loose. He later became known as Marcelo Mario Sajen, the serial rapist from  Cordoba .

The university city wasn't the same as today, clearly. Sarmiento Park less. In those places the serial rapist was attacked, who turned  93 women victims . It is not known if they were more. Only 93 were the ones who managed to make the complaint. However, they estimate that there were more victims than, intimidated by the episode and cornered by society, could not speak yet. With the stories and data provided by the young women, it was possible to make an identikit that circulated through the Cordobese news and wallpapered the city. The  search was exhaustive  and lasted for several months, during which attacks of the abuser continued to occur.


The victims were between 17 and 25 years old. Violations were documented between 1991 and 2004. The culprit appeared to have  a common life , even had a wife and children. Investigations left thousands of suspects and failed to find the real rapist. In 2004, after a  rape case  at the bus terminal, it was discovered that it was Marcelo Mario Sajen. The attacks occurred in different periods of time, and the areas were changing:  Parque Sarmiento, San Vicente and surroundings  were the places where the serial rapist acted. Always with the same modus operandi, he approached his victims on the street in everyone's sight, embraced them as if he were the boyfriend and threatening them to a break.

They confirmed their guilt thanks to his wife, Zulma Andrea Villalón, who in a desperate attempt to verify that her husband was not the serial rapist, agreed to give a DNA sample of her son. That's how they confirmed that they matched the DNA  of the crime scenes .

Although he had entrances to police stations and penal charges for various robberies, he did not become imprisoned one day for the 93 violations proved. When it became known that he was a serial rapist who terrorized the province of Córdoba, he tried to escape and confessed to his relatives “I don't come back to jail, before I hit a shot.” He kept his promise, surrounded by police in the yard of a house in Santa Isabel, shot himself and died the next day.

When his wife found out she had a pressure attack and had to be hospitalized, she didn't think her husband was such a monster. Although he had a double life that included two children with another woman and frequented with two lovers, Zulma defended him until the last minute. It was not a secret in the neighborhood that “El Turco”, as many said to him, had two families who lived a few blocks from each other and between which time was distributed. It was even known that the two women knew about the existence of the other and greeted each other naturally.

 It's not an isolated fact 

By 2000, making allegations of abuse and rape was much more violent than now. Things are changing, however 93 women live today with that episode recorded on their skin. One of the victims who most actively collaborated with the case reported the ordeal that meant after the rape in the justice system. At that time interrogations were mostly carried out by men, the girls had to endure questions that hid the suspicion that they had done something to excite the rapist to commit the crime. The judicial and communication system must begin to be aware that these are not isolated cases. At the time Sajen was called the Beast, the animal, the predator. Today, we know that rapists, whether serial or not, are  healthy children of  patriarchy  .

Publication Date: 23/12/2019

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