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The sculpture of the Rayo horse, in trouble

One of the emblematic sculptures of Santa Rosa was damaged and vandalized.

The worst thing about us
Santa Rosa

“Lightning”, the iron  horse  , sculpture symbol of Parque Oliver in  Santa Rosa  , is still under repair.  It was damaged and found on the floor in February 2019, following a vandal act that also affected other premises of the place . His sculptor, Natalia Ditter, is currently looking for motorcycle spout to recompose it.

Natalia's request for help

“More than a year ago he was damaged, other things had also been broken in the park, so the Municipality removed it. I walked around until they brought it to me with the idea of restoring it,  I started looking for motorcycle exhaust pipes and I really didn't think it was going to be that difficult,” he says with regret . “So far I only got one, but the idea is to repair it, improve it, strengthen it and return to its place, which is the park,” said the  pampeana . “After a while they brought it to me and I have it in the workshop. I hope I can fix it because the  intention is also to surround him with other sculptures in that place in the park,” he explained.

The play had appeared on the floor. It has a lot of weight, since it is made of recycled pieces of metal, and it was laid on a concrete base, so it  was estimated that the effort was carried out by several people. 

“It is very sad that this happens, not only in this work, but in many others that have already broken before. Thank you to everyone who wrote me for the support.  We will try to fix it so that Rayo will be part of the park again and the children can continue to enjoy ,” wrote at the time the sculptor.

The horse was located on the side of the amphitheatre of the place.  Usually, boys and girls would climb to ride it to take pictures , as well as being a meeting point for skating or cycling, improvising rap songs, taking mates and, why not, have a date.

 The sculpture, typical of the park, was made in 2011 and was a wandering time until it found a place . “In the case of the horse, he walked around in different places until the chance arose to place him in a public place, and he stayed in the Oliver. I'm happy it's there because it's good that so many people and  children circulate, that it's a part of everyone.” She pointed out a few months ago, with regard to her preference for the work, she says: “ It's been a long time and what I like about this work is that you're passing by the park and there are people looking at it, going up, guys taking pictures . I went from entering those sites to buy and sell things on Facebook and there are people who have in their profile picture their children on the horse, which is why being in the park is beautiful.”

The vandal act was not limited to sculpture.

 Other areas of the park were shattered . According to Luis, the platero, the strangers damaged, apparently with a mass, a brick bank. Then they threw the remains into the fountain with water that is located in the center of the promenade, in front of the games. They also scratched and painted with aerosol the luminaires, although in that case they were careful, as they were placed insulating tape to avoid any type of short circuit.

Publication Date: 09/11/2020

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