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In a police depot located in Pilar, half a ton of seized marijuana disappeared.

Last week, reading the newspaper, I came across a news that caught my attention: from a police depot located in the town of Pilar disappeared half a ton of marijuana that was seized. Consulted before the missing (which is quoted at five million pesos), the troops argued that “the rats ate it.” Here I have to put a point: before a new expertise, there are 500 kilos missing, it's 850 kilos. Which enlarges the Mexican rodent to eight and a half million pesos.

So far, if there were no squeezes in the middle, police corruption, violence, people imprisoned and speculation about the lives of consumers, it would seem like a note of color. He reminded me of the excuse, which the first degree teacher does not accept, of “I didn't bring the task because the dog ate it.” Once, my childhood  dog  seriously ate my communication notebook, luckily did not do homework on it, I estimate that my teacher would not have believed me.But this is not the case.

On this occasion we are not talking about a children's excuse, we talk about an argument that a state official gave to a  judge . The news becomes more implausible, when the cause is reviewed. For those who do not know, the standard procedure, once the illegal substances are analyzed and data are settled in the judicial investigation the drug must go to destruction. In this case marijuana spent years seized until the missing, or “binge” of rats was detected. But this does not end there, the theory of the comilona was considered as the real cause of the disappearance of the seized: the services of experts in zoology were required to determine that the hypothesis was false. Experts explained that a  rat  eats about fifteen grams of food daily, thousands of rodents would have been needed for 850 kilos to disappear.

Reflecting on how Argentines understand concepts such as “responsibility,” “security,” “public official”, “crime” and “lie,” I realized that a problem is no less than the role of the media. With few exceptions, they published the news almost as a joke, like an unusual buzz of the police. Few saw it as a delicable crime, as an excuse to spread the mentality (reprobable, by the way, even in this case) of “if the state lies in my face, why am I going to be different with my neighbor? ”.

We have to be very careful about this kind of thing, because a State official has to set an example, it is the actions of people that set the paradigms of what is socially considered acceptable and what is not. If the police make 850 kilos of drug disappear - I wonder what kind of vehicle is it necessary for such a crime - why can't I leave the car in double lines? What does it mean to throw grime on the street in front of taking  almost a ton  of drugs from a state depot? All questions that arise and outrage when we find out that none of the police forces involved were dismissed from their positions.

We have to do things right, because that's how we live in society, that's how every day you help things get better for everyone. But the truth is, news like this doesn't help. You feel like they're taking it for a  boludo . There is nothing worse than that feeling which, unfortunately, is very contagious. The feeling that nothing is going to change.

Rating: 4.50/5.