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The instrument.

The Argentine emblems are not always happy: with a long history of de facto governments, of course we were going to have an emblematic method of torture.

The worst thing about us

“Pirí  Lugones , granddaughter of the poet, daughter of the torturer”: this was the way the granddaughter of  Leopoldo Lugones appeared back in the seventies. It happens that life is full of ironies, and that particular dynasty is fraught with them. Just as Leopoldo, the poet, “the most faithful man in Buenos Aires,” had for years an affair with a twentieth — a situation that pushed him to suicide — his son, Leopoldo “Polo” Lugones, created the instrument with which his son, Leopoldo “Polo”  Lugones , would be tortured by his own daughter decades later.

The Lugones family with its three cursed generations is a reflection of the ravages of the double standards of Argentine society in times of dictatorship.


 Leopoldo Lugones  was considered one of the great exponents of Argentine literature, so much so that Writer's Day was instituted in commemoration of the date of his birth: June 13. He went from sympathizing with socialist ideas to supporting the coup to  Yrigoyen in 1930.

He wrote poems exalting faithful husbands, but he was surrounded by shame when the letters he exchanged with his lover,  Emilia Cadelago, came to light. During the dictatorship, which he himself had propitiated, censorship reached such an extent that the mail was checked, and so they discovered their adultery with a young woman who took almost twenty years. His epistolar exchanges were discovered by the Special Section of  Federal Police , who showed up at Emilia's house to inform his parents of the prohibited relationship. The young woman, frightened of the threat of public scorn, decided to end the relationship without knowing that her beloved Leopold would retire to the  Tiger  to poison herself with a mixture of cyanide and whiskey.

The commissioner who personally took care of notifying the Cadelago family of his daughter's dishonor was none other than “Polo” Lugones himself, thus sealing his father's suicide.

The father

The Argentine emblems are not always happy: with a long history of de facto governments, of course we were going to have an emblematic method of  torture . The  electric spike , which Commissioner Polo  Lugones created during the Uriburu government, is the undisputed symbol of our  military dictatorships   .

The official excuse was that terrorism, the ghost of communism, had to be fought. The reality is that there are sadistic people who enjoy seeing another human being suffer. That feels powerful with those tools. Among those sadists was Commissioner Lugones, who had started his career in horror several years earlier.

During Alvear's presidency, Lugones's only son served as director of the Olivera Juvenile Reformatory, where he was reported (and prosecuted) for rape of minors. He was sentenced to ten years, but his father interceded for him to be exempted “for the honor of the family.” Lugones father, he saved him without knowing that years later his son would give him without looking to justice for an extramarital romance.

When  Uriburu  promotes him to Commissioner Inspector of the Police, in the same unit is his record record where he is described as a pederast and sadist. He cared little to his superiors, as, he was a torturer who obtained quick confessions with his frightening methods. Just like the father would end his life with suicide: in 1971 he shot himself in the temple.

The granddaughter

Susana “Pirí” Lugones, had a difficult childhood. At the age of twelve, his mother  Carmen Arregui separated from Commissioner Lugones and does not take long to marry in second nuptials with Dr.  Marcos Victoria . As if fate had not been rehearsed enough, “Pirí” would be abused by her mother's second husband. At the age of 21 he married  Carlos Peralta , with whom he had three children. The second, Alejandro, would commit suicide in 1971 (the same year as the infamous grandfather) by hanging on a tree in El Tigre.

Her ideology was totally opposed to that of her family and led her to join the Peronist Armed Forces, where she became a benchmark. He later joined Montoneros, where his main tasks were intelligence and press. At the age of 52, in 1977, she was kidnapped, tortured and disappeared. It is said, because it is not known for sure, that she was killed on February 18, anniversary of her grandfather's death.

So the last name Lugones became a generation after with a single thread: horror.  Torture  publicly promoted by grandfather in his time. The  spike  created by the cruel and abusive father. The ordeal of the granddaughter, the daughter, of the woman who, despite having tried, could never escape the tragic fate of a family as remarkable as it is cursed.

Publication Date: 20/04/2018

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