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The coronavirus did not go, but in Patagonia they didn't find out

Clandestine parties, lack of funds and a feeling that the virus has already invaded Patagonia.

The worst thing about us
fiesta clandestina

The  COVID-19  pandemic has shown us how drastic changes can be; in addition, we began to add another object when you leave home: keys, wallet, cell phone and finally in this 2020, it was crowned and, finally in 2020, it was crowned.oacute; the  barbijo . In these balance-sheet days we must say that the   new normality   does not end up with us and the uncertainties are on the order of the day: “Is this okay that I am doing?“, “Are we many in this room?“, “I opened the window so air runs!“. The simple fact of sharing a round of mate blurred almost as fast as the very spread of the coronavirus.

We learned what  quarantine meant, winter has made us doubt if what we had was a common flu or this new disease; we were angry about the infrastructure and online logistics of the universities, our workspaces and interaction. They forced us to digitize us faster than we were already going

 The holidays, the end of the new year, were going to be a challenge , we already knew that and we assumed it since the different localities went from Isolation to Social Distancing, Preventive and Obligatory: meetings with large volumes, people who forget to put on the right barbijo or return to share a large glass of some cold drink on hot evenings on the banks of some river, sea, pelopincho or just refreshing as we can.

Christmas, happened and with it actions that can be a great and unfortunate sanitary domino: one of the descents of the spa  Las Grutas , in the province of  Rio Negro  became a big “clandestine” party, with music, dancing and, for the most part, young people trying to forget a hard year for anyone from this world: but that cannot be an excuse to neglect everything Argentina has achieved so that friends, family and acquaintances will not continue to die.

Specifically, that holiday could be dismantled just after 6 in the morning, and thus could continue to name cities, such as   Puerto Madryn ,  Union Beach ,  Comodoro Rivadavia , Rada Tilly and many more . Failures are from both sides: the authorities and those who decide to participate in them. The news of the beginning of vaccination does not mean that  coronavirus , hospitalizations and daily deaths - they do not fall from three figures and in cities  Patagonian   proportions infected/inhabitants are worry- they will disappear from one day to the next.

Consciousness is collective, and only young people should not be criminalized because of their age. Restaurants and bars without strict safety protocols; people who form a row in the supermarket each other; families who continue to deny the virus or break with security measures because “sure we do not get infected”. Issues that, in mid-March, the vast majority of society fulfilled a rajatabla and we were angry at those who did not, seemed to us that they did not take real dimension of what was happening: a pandemic.

  Patagonia   has the geographic or demographic luxury of not having so many inhabitants. There are not so many big cities, as may be the problem of the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires, but in that same sense it is the opposite: we know each other and “blindly trust” that it will not happen.

The virus continues and will continue to be; we will have to think about 2021 with its presence: a vaccination plan that has already started and what has happened elsewhere should be information so as not to repeat mistakes. However, we must continue to take care of ourselves and take care of those we love the most; even if they do 40 degrees; let's miss the hugs and share mattes and anecdotes close to each other, as we Argentines like. To the virus, we fight it among all: fingling, hand cleaning and the minimum distance of 2 meters.

Publication Date: 10/01/2021

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