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The black mamba

In the late 1980s, in an apartment in the north, a neighbor finds two cousins, aged 15 and 22, dead in the bathtub.

The end of the 1980s, the country is about to explode for the umpteenth time. In an apartment in the northern part of Buenos Aires, a neighbor finds two cousins, Irma 22 years old and Gloria, 15 years old, naked in the bathtub. Because of the degree of decomposition, experts risk they've been dead for about two months.

The first conflict arises when the owner of the department states that only 48 hours before one of her tenants was not only alive, but also asked her for the phone to call the doctor because her cousin had a fever. Police questioned the doctor who came to the call, the doctor confirmed that the girl had a fever lines, so he told him to take an ordinary over-the-counter antifeverish and retired. He claimed he didn't see anything weird.

The bodies, far from giving any answers, generated more questions: they had no impact of blades or  firearms  , did not present carbon monoxide poisoning, there were no drowned. The cause of death and the speed of decomposition were a mystery. Irma's boyfriend was interrogated, a married man who had a clandestine relationship with her for quite a long time. She visited her regularly but had no key to the apartment and did not hear about the death until she was summoned by the police. The interrogation was hard, but they didn't find anything that seemed to incriminate him. The only fact that the judge recorded, because it caught his attention, is that the boy worked at the zoo.

In the absence of evidence and answers, the most crazy hypotheses begin to weave. Because of the position in which they had been found naked in the bathtub, there was talk of a lesbian relationship that ended in a suicide pact. There was talk about a lover who killed them both and ran away without leaving any traces. All guesswork because there was no evidence.

Four months later, investigating another case, one of the experts discovers that the  poison  of an African snake colloquially called “Black Mamba” accelerates the process of decomposition of its  victims . He tells the judge, who takes it as the main hypothesis. He remembers the boyfriend and his job. He asks his assistant to investigate if the zoo has a serpentarium. It has. Find out if there's Mambas on the serpentarium. There are. Without losing a second, the arrest warrant is dismissed and they're going to look for the, now, prime suspect: he's already escaped.

So far there were three murders in the world committed with the poison of that snake (two in Canada and one in Italy) so that forensic information was scarce. In addition, it was added that in the first tests in search of poisons on the body of the victims they had not found anything, only the two tablets of the antifebrile that had managed to take Gloria before the tragic end.

The judge asks for new expertise on the bodies of the premiums in order to at least confirm the reason for death. Forensics didn't know how to explain to him that the bodies were still in the cold rooms, but someone, very trained (because it's not a simple job) had extracted the hearts of both bodies and took them away. They attributed it to a carelessness of the duty assistant. It was rumored that they had been kept poorly and because of the unbearable smell, they were taken to the yard where a dog ate them. Another legend without evidence or witnesses that triggered this unsolved crime. To this day, like the boyfriend employee of the  zoo , hearts are still missing.

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