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Santa Fe and drug trafficking

Film productions about criminals are animated drawings compared to the history of drug trafficking that stains the entire province.

The worst thing about us

Recently, the Minister of Security of the province of Santa Fe, Marcelo Sain, threw an unfortunate phrase, when he was interviewed in a television studio on an important Buenos Aires channel: “I came to rest here because   if i stay there they shit me   ”. With “there,” he meant Santa Fe. Yes, gentlemen. Looks like the series   The pattern of evil   , but it's the reality. In Santa Fe, drug trafficking is so powerful that even the highest officials are afraid to fight it.

Who knows if, as the popular imaginary says, more than one of those responsible for the order and security of the population are not being “adorned” by these criminals who are real millionaires. “Only in   Rosario, drug trafficking handles nearly 70 million dollars a year   “said Sain, and “that money is not dumped into the neighborhoods, but is destined for the real and informal economy, real estate enterprises and large financial investment funds.”

  Fearsome criminals  

The provincial deputy for the Frente Social y Popular Carlos del Frade is also a journalist. For a long time he was one of the few who devoted himself to thoroughly investigating and denouncing the   drug business   in Santa Fe. Business that, he claims, is, from its origin, parastatal. And, like many illegal economic activities of the present day,   began in the times of state terrorism   . From a strategic geography that does not happen by chance suffers the consequences of so much impunity accumulated over the years: the Gran Rosario region. Thus, this city saw the birth of the fearsome Los Monos, who turned Rosario, other Santafesino cities and even the prisons themselves into a real hell.   Hundreds of murders   and attacks were attributed to them,   even with their leaders imprisoned and dead   .

But, while Los Monos are undoubtedly the criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking that had the most impact nationally, they are far from being the only ones to torment the entire province with its crimes. The   city of Santa Fe   has had great capos of this   fallopa mafia   , many of which have been falling little by little, such as Villarroel or Pignata.

  A very difficult fight  

At the end of last year, in the provincial capital,   the police broke up a gang   which distributed cocaine in more than 30 points in the province and other parts of the country.   a woman dubbed “the healer   “because, in addition to the drug, she was involved in umbanda rituals.

Anyway, every while, news comes out that the police imprisoned some drug boss. All right, but   the people of Santa Fe know   very well that, if it were true that the Government is at war against these criminals,   far are they from having won it   .

Publication Date: 15/06/2020

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