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Sadism has no limits

The problem of impunity is that those who feel it, unfortunately, are often right

The worst thing about us

I will write what follows in the most direct way and with less euphemisms possible not because of a matter of morbid, but because it seems to me that when something is so serious, sometimes the naturalistic gaze is the best form of denunciation. As they say, there are few times when reality surpasses any kind of fiction.

The event happened in the province of  Salta  (one of the most clerical, patriarchal and misogynistic in the whole nation). In the Falkland Islands district of Pichanal, a young woman arrives in the humble room she shares with her husband. She's barely 19 years old so I don't know if “young” defines her well (teenager? Girl? what is the most appropriate definition?). As I said, she returns to her house and meets her husband and two friends of him. Unfortunately, I tracked on the web and couldn't find the husband's age. I play a little finger that I wasn't less than 35. The male trio is having a few drinks, it looks like they've been on it for several hours because they're pretty tuned. One of them brings her a glass and says, “Give her do not be ortive, have a little,” she does not want to make her husband angry and accept a drink. That's all he gets to drink.

Later, in the police complaint, the young/teenager/girl will say that in her glass there was something else, because she immediately felt dizzy and without the ability to react. He couldn't move and the room was spinning. But that's not why she lost contact with reality: she was fully aware when the husband's two friends  raped  her while he was filming the scene.

Before they left, they gave the husband money. I mean, she did the time as a pimp without her consent. When his friends left he also raped her and, having exceeded all the limits of horror, he also filmed that sequence.

After abusing his wife, he locked her in the room and left her incommunicado for more than five hours. A family member, alerted that the girl was not responding to the messages, went home where he found her, locked in the room, with clear signs of confusion from the  drug  ingested. Seeing her disoriented and with the marks of violence exerted by her husband and friends, she assisted her and promptly led her to make the complaint.

I don't know if the friends and husband thought she was going to be quiet or sensed that they would be reported, but within the hours after leaving her locked up they disappeared from town.

As is often the case in these cases, all relevant expertise were made. The names and surnames of the culprits were established, the circumstances, the place. The news came out on a couple of portals in the province, shocking public opinion. But the most important thing did not happen: they did not stop the 4 sadists who subjected the poor girl. It is seen that  justice  cannot act fast enough to punish those who commit these heinous crimes.

You will imagine that the husband continues, to this day, disappeared. I wonder what to have in your head to do that to a woman? If that woman is exactly the one who has promised to take care of her in health and illness, does this behavior not show a higher level of disease? What degree of impunity do the three (husband and friends/clients) have to handle to do it with total blateness? Were they not afraid of a possible retaliation? Sadly, it seems not. The problem of impunity is that those who feel it, in most cases, are often right.

Publication Date: 11/09/2018

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