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Mate Stitched: neither Gendarmerie could with him

A Tucuman criminal who terrorized the multinationals in the north and couldn't be caught. Mate Stitched disappeared on January 7,
The worst thing about us
| 09 January, 2020 |

We could calmly speak of the Tucuman Robin Hood, or northerner, when referring to Mate Stitched. His real name was Second David Peralta. He was born in Monteros, Tucumán, in 1897, and was known as a bandit who robbed the rich and shared with the poor. But before he went to crime, he was a graphic worker.

The reason for “Mate Stitched”

Segundo Peralta had a scar on his forehead, because of a wound from which they had to cook it and make a few stitches. It was very marked for those who looked at him, a distinctive mark on his face. In Tucuman, to the head, it is also called “Mate”: having the head cooked, popularly it was called “Stitched Mate”.

Your path

Presented like this, it looks like another story of the heap, but no, Mate Stitched is a historical icon within police issues. Its operating space was not limited to Tucumán, it passed through Santa Fe, Santiago del Estero, Córdoba and Chaco, where it finally became a legend, a 7 January 1940.

Its main objectives were multinationals, the rich companies, the ones that had money. He was considered a Robin Hood because he sought to minimize collateral damage of a robbery. Some say that, by raiding Dreyfus agency in Machagay, Mate Cosido emptied the safe, but the money destined for the workers of the company remained there.

His apparent social consciousness guaranteed him to be able to carry out his actions more easily and to have the protection of the people. Peralta shared money and established good relations with the locals. This step is typical of the guerrilla warfare strategies used by revolutionary movements. But, in this case applied to robberies, without any political cause as a principle, at least not clearly.

He was imprisoned several times, but freedom always seemed to give him a new chance. His constant search did not narrow him, but Peralta’s road indicated that his next destination was Chaco. It was not yet formed as a province, it was a federal territory, but it represented an important pole for attacking trains, banks, ranchers and managers.

Forestal,Dreyfus,Clayton, together withBunge and Born, multinationals, were the main victims of the attacks of Mate Sewed. Some, without any evidence, slip that the Gendarmerie could have been a force created by these companies. With the police searching for him and now the Gendarmerie, the task of escaping became more difficult.

The beginning of the end by Mate Stitched

In Chaco, security forces set Mate Cosido a trap. A train arrived at the station, Peralta had planned to attack him, what he didn’t know was that it was full of gendarmes. When Mate Cosido, together with his partner “Tata Miño”, arrested the train, they received a fierce attack from the Gendarmerie. Minho was able to save himself because a gunshot hit his backpack. But Mate Sewed was wounded, although this did not stop him from continuing. The key moment, whether due to the fate or the pressure of a gendarme, turned Mate Sewed into a legend. While he was trying to flee with his leg injured, a gendarme had him in the sights of his machine gun. The man fired, several noises were felt, but the bullets did not come out: he had forgotten to remove the safety. Mate Sewed managed to run away.

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