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Julián Moccia: a swindler on the loose

We tell you what were the scams Julián Moccia was the author of. And how did many Cordobes fall into
The worst thing about us
| 04 February, 2020 |

As always, the most awaited time of the year is the holiday. And, of course, there are people who take advantage of the excitement and anxiety that generates us to plan them. Julián Moccia operated selling tickets at a very good price, back and forth. The whole business was black, cash, no records. In principle, everything was fine. Passengers could travel to all parts of the world. This young man sold tickets to Mexico, the United States, different countries in Europe, Brazil, etc. That is, there were many cases.

With the one-way ticket, passengers arrived at destination. But the problem started when people wanted to turn around. The initial deal was that Julián Moccia gave its customers a one-way ticket, and a return ticket, but dated to modify. Since the date on the return ticket was either very early or far away. Julián explained that the procedure for changing the tickets, with the fine that entails and more, went on their own. And that your passengers alone They had to enjoy the trip. By Of course, his M.O., it was super convenient. The passages were much more cheap than in the regular market. And, in addition, Julián Moccia made sure inspire confidence. That’s why their customers also recommended word of mouth the service.

In pampa and the way (but from another country!)

However, most of its clientele were stranded at duty stations. Julián Moccia left them adrift, without a return ticket. Passengers were left in Pampa and the road, but from other countries.

The kid is from Rosario, and you don’t know much more. Many of the scammed tourists tried to locate it in order to fix the problem. Above all, in order to recover the money that the return ticket had cost them. Out of his own pocket! , as if Julian wasn’t responsible. The passengers ended up paying an extra ticket because of the scam. They also tried to report him, but did not get an answer. That is why they made widespread and “wrote it,”as these are the ways of doing justice by their own hands in our digital age.

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