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I killed my wife.

When asked how long he had murdered her, he replied that he did not remember.

The worst thing about us

Last Sunday, in San Francisco, Córdoba (where Federico Falco is native, a writer I strongly recommend) everything happened normally in the police station of the area. The officers on duty, cursing fate for having to work on a Sunday morning, counted the movements of the second hand as they were sent to the craw, one after the other, all kinds of bills. At about eleven o'clock, a little boy came in. He seemed badly asleep. A little dirty. Nervous. “I killed my wife” was the first thing he said.

In case, no matter that the situation became tense, the suspect by self-report, a 52-year-old Cordovan, was arrested. They asked him where the body was. “At home,” he replied. They asked him to give them the exact address. He did. Two of the officers on duty grabbed what was necessary and faced towards the exit to confirm what they had just heard. “Wait,” the suspect told them. “Take the keys.” When the agent approached to grab them, he heard “it's the silver one, the biggest one. Please don't break my door. I changed it four months ago. I haven't finished paying for it yet.”

The agents listened to him and used the key. He opened up. In the bedroom, on the double bed, they found what until a few days ago was a woman of about 50 years. He was in a very advanced state of decay. Later, when they asked the gentleman who was waiting in the dungeon how long he had murdered her, he replied that he did not remember. While they already knew from a preliminary report from the experts that the death had been caused by asphyxiation, when asked how he had killed her, he also replied that he did not remember. He was charged with aggravated homicide aggravated by the bond.

In the next crime scene investigation, which was done Monday at noon, they found in the bathroom a knife with traces of already dried blood. The finding confused them, because the woman had no cut. Would there be another body? The officers were informed of the matter, they re-interrogated the detainee, who claimed, very convinced, that there had been no further killings. On this occasion, a psychologist was witnessing the interrogation. She thought she'd ask the suspect to show her wrists. On the left, a small cut was already practically healed.

Publication Date: 22/01/2019

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