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I killed my partner and put him in the wardrobe

Luckily, I'm convinced these things are going to end. I see it coming. I hope we don't hear a “I killed my partner anymore...”

The worst thing about us

“I killed my partner and put him in a wardrobe. I did it because he abused my son.” A 40-year-old woman, a few days ago, in  Lomas de Zamora , made this statement at the appropriate police station of the Buenos Aires police station. In addition, he added that he killed him with mazazos and then covered him with cement. He then handed over the keys to his house to the police to make it easier for them to operate. Terrible, isn't it? For days I have been thinking about something and having found this news helped me to put into  words  what I was reasoning, sometimes it's not so easy, you know that you have an idea on your hands, but without the language operating, we stay ah& iacute; locked, unintelligible, almost as if it did not exist.

What do I mean by that “something”? Very simple: are these cases becoming more frequent or are they the same as frequent as before but are they now more visible ? Are there any more  violations  of minors now or do we just find out what are there when they were before neither news nor a political agenda item? On the other hand, this lady, mother of a 13-year-old boy who is now doomed to spend the rest of her adolescence (and go to know how much longer) away from her, would she have had the courage to do what she did before the “not one less”? Was there any degree of empowerment achieved? Is it useful to slaughter the abuser to mazazos or does it end up being functional to the patriarchy that oppresses us (whether we are women or men, of course)?

Gilda, that's the name of the woman, lived two days with her body in cement inside the wardrobe until she decided to surrender on February 20. The troops who entered the house to do the skills found the body of their partner (Richard Sanchez) in the place she told them. They had to use oxygen tanks to enter and remain doing their job, since, from the state of decay, the smell was nauseating. At first they had run the version that the murder had been committed in December, which made everything even more macabre than it already was. Later the experts went out to deny him with the confession of the same defendant.

It is still aberrant to me that someone faces such a situation, that a mother feels so unprotected by justice that she makes a determination to impart it with her own hands. One fact that emerges from the case is that there are no prior complaints at the Women's Police Station about abuse is under investigation.

I stop to think again and I think Gilda's reaction is probably not about empowerment but despair. Maybe, as I said at the beginning, these cases always occurred but they didn't reach our ears. I still find it hard to reach conclusions about this. There are people who are able to reason and define themselves in the eye of the storm, when things are happening (those are the thinkers who really add up). There are others, like me, who need time and tranquility, that decant sediment to the bottom to be able to see through the water of reality when it becomes a little clearer.

  Rage  prevents me from thinking clearly. I only have the image of  a woman pushed to do something that is surely going to regret for the rest of her life  and of a child who first suffered the abuse of her stepfather and then, for the same reason, suffer the loss of her mother (and the judicial groseo, the gesell chamber, the quotation to declaratory and so much. more). Luckily, I think it's going to change. It's changing. I see it coming. How does the slogan say, “It's going to fall.”

Publication Date: 04/03/2019

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